Skye - Colorado

Beautiful Skye enchanted us all from the moment she touched paws on Colorado soil. With her happy demeanor, open hearted approach to her world and her Springer zeal, we wondered how this lovely dog came to rescue. And we expected adoption would be imminent once she was fully vetted.

Skye, of course, had a story. And that story continued once she became an ESRA dog. She lost her home when her single man family had a stroke was could no longer care for her. When she was 9 months old, she has hit by a car and suffered a fractured pelvis and femur, repaired at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Skye appeared to have fully recovered.

She had a hernia noted in the foster home. This simple surgical repair revealed some surprises. Skye had a raging kidney infection that required three courses of antibiotics! An occasional slight limp was diagnosed as severe arthritis in Skye’s hip, a result of gait compensation after the prior pelvic fracture. The initial recommendation was a costly and difficult FHO surgery.

ESRA decided a second opinion made sense and took Skye back to CSU for an orthopedic surgery evaluation that resulted in good news – no surgery was recommended now or in the future. She was referred to Orthopedic Medicine for a rehabilitation evaluation, resulting in a recommendation for an 8-10 week intensive rehab program, including weekly physical therapy and daily home exercises. Skye needed to increase her extension and range of motion. How were we going to make that happen? The project seemed a bit daunting to all of us.

Skye is now a week or so into her intensive treatment. Her determined foster father has persevered with learning the home exercise program as well as practicing the patience needed to gain Skye’s cooperation with the exercises. Skye’s initial response seemed to be “Are you seriously asking me to do that?” but she now is showing some good natured cooperation with the program. Her wonderful therapist provides mobile services.

Skye shows little or no pain. She has some weakness in her rear extremities and needs a boost to jump into the back of an SUV. She sometimes “bunny hops”. She has no difficulty with stairs. She loves to run and has always enjoyed the outdoor life with her family. Skye has thrived on a Wyoming ranch and has loved romping in the Colorado mountains. Skye’s future family needs to provide her with the physical outdoor life she loves and monitor her orthopedic needs. She will need periodic checks with orthopedic medicine and may need steroid injections at some point.

Please let us know if you think you might be the right family for Skye.

Note to Out-of-State Adopters: We ask that out-of-state adopters come to Colorado to meet Skye.