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English Springer Rescue America, Inc. (ESRA) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation. It is composed of rescuers, breeders, and owners. ESRA's nationwide endeavor to assist unwanted, abandoned, or abused English Springers is carried on by those with a love and passion for this breed.

Membership is simple: make a pledge to help and support this rescue's efforts where and when you can. By pooling all member resources together, more dogs can be pulled from shelters, more owners with a sincere need to relinquish their dogs can be assisted, and more qualified homes will find dogs to adopt!

An incredibly high number of English Springers are found as impounds, abandoned or hurt and in need of medical care, or in deplorable living conditions where they are totally neglected by their owners. Thus, there is a real need for rescue, and ESRA will be grateful for your pledge of help.

Rescued Springers are just as beautiful and loving as those more fortunate than themselves. ESRA is there for these dogs! Every attempt is made to put a needy dog into a safe, warm, and loving environment. The more helping hands that are united, the more dogs will be successfully cared for, rehabilitated, and placed in homes where they are truly wanted and loved.

There are so many ways that members can help save Springers!

  • Transport ESRA dogs
  • Conduct phone interviews with potential adopters
  • Showcase foster dogs at adoption events
  • Participate in fundraising events

Step 1: Membership Application

Membership Application

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