Special Needs Dogs

The Special Needs designation includes a range of physical disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or behavioral issues that require ongoing vigilance or special care to manage. The classification can apply to animals with obvious physical differences such as missing, deformed, or paralyzed limbs. It can also apply to those with functional limitations, such as animals who are blind or deaf. Dogs with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, persistent allergies, or cancer are often considered Special Needs as well. Still others may have social or behavioral limitations, including severe separation anxiety or extreme situational fears. Previously abused animals may fall into this category.
Clayton 100 copy

Clayton's Story

Clayton's touch-and-go medical troubles captivated the hearts of thousands of ESRA friends worldwide. He became a celebrated ambassador across the country for ESRA's Special Needs Springers. He thrived and lived a happy and fulfilling life, thanks to this program and its supporters.