Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 45
Intake number: 2019-79 WA

Wally is a gorgeous boy who came to ESRA from a shelter after being found as a stray. Sadly, no one claimed this amazing dog. Luckily for Wally, though, the shelter was happy to work with us to find his Forever Home.

We estimate that Wally is about eight years old. Wally is a typical funny, snuggly, wiggly Springer. His foster mom and dad have lots of amazing things to say about Wally and everyone that meets him falls in love with this sweet boy.

Wally gets really excited when his favorite people come to the door. He picks up the closest object (shoe, toy, leash) and wiggles his butt while singing a tune. He’ll start reminding you that it’s dinnertime starting at about 4:30 PM. That’s when you’ll start reminding him that dinner doesn’t happen until 6 PM (or whenever). Wally will fall asleep while you brush him.

Wally might be the smartest dog on the planet. He knows hand signals for Sit, Stay, Stop, Down, Roll Over, Leave It and Come. Wally came to ESRA with very bad ear infections and is mostly deaf. His foster home cleans his ears weekly with a medicated wash. We believe this is something that Wally will always need on a weekly basis, so his Forever Family will need to feel comfortable with continuing this treatment.

Wally snores when he sleeps, which his foster mom thinks is cute but his foster dad wears earplugs! His superpower is learning your routine and when you are supposed to wake up. He will check on you about a minute before the alarm goes off and if he sees your face or you open your eyes, he will squeal with joy. Other than that, he sleeps well though the night.

Wally does not like to be crated and will try to bite the crate until he can be let out. His Forever Home will have to agree to never crate Wally. He would be happiest with a family that is retired or has at least one person that works from home. When Wally is left alone, his foster mom reports that he will open the refrigerator, counter surf and pick through the trash if he has access to it. They purchased a childproof refrigerator lock to use when they are away and have an extra one they will send with Wally to his Forever Home. His foster family is working on his ability to spend time alone and he is making progress, but this will continue to be work.

Wally's foster family reports that he was slow and squishy when they got him. He is now exercising up to six miles each day and has developed much more muscle.

Wally is sweet as can be and ready to meet his Forever Family. Please submit an Online Adoption Application if you are interested in Wally.  It is always the first step in our adoption process.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Barb Doolin, Coordinator
Wenatchee, Washington state

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