Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 6 months
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 20
Intake number: 2018-393CA

Hi, everyone! My name is Tucker. I am a liver-and-white Springer who just turned six months old, and my people say that I'm adorable (I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's a good thing). I like to spend my days eating, playing, and sleeping in a comfy spot on the floor, in my dog bed, or wherever I may land. I get three meals a day here and the food is pretty good. Sometimes, when I am a really good boy, I get treats!

I spend a lot of time romping with my best friend here. His name is Casey, and even though he is older and a lot bigger than I am, I give him a good run. Watch us in this video! I will always be grateful to Casey because he taught me how to play the way a puppy should. He even taught me how to pick the toys I like out of the toy box! Besides Casey, there are two other dogs here as well as several cats that I love. They have all taken it upon themselves to teach me manners when they get tired of my puppy antics!

Foster Dad says I'm doing a lot better since I arrived, and I am learning the word NO. Mom and Dad caught me standing on the dining room table, and boy, were they angry (but I did see them trying to hide their laughter)! One day I was watching Mom pull some crabgrass, and now I help her when she's not looking, but since I’m a puppy I sometimes get carried away and pull the good grass by mistake. I have had a few accidents in the house, but that’s because my people have missed my signal. I know I’ll get better as I grow! I didn’t like it when they tried to kennel train me, and I cried so much they decided to bed train me instead. Now we can all sleep for at least eight hours without a single accident at night.

I am a very happy and smart boy. I know that I am not here much longer, and I also know that I can trust my foster family to find me the perfect new Forever Home. I sure hope my new home has another puppy for me to play with, along with very active human parents who will teach me how to be the best Springer ever. Could your family be the one?

Love and puppy kisses,

From Tucker’s foster family:  All we know about Tucker is that he entered our program due to the kindheartedness of one of our ESRA members. The poor little guy, who may have been the runt of the litter, was five months old and weighed a mere twenty pounds when he arrived here. After being with us for only a week, he gained five pounds. He eats his food as if he is starving. At first, he was like a jumping jack at feeding time, but now he is learning to sit, somewhat patiently, while his food is being prepared. Sometimes he even lies down while he’s waiting.

Tucker was like a blank canvas when he arrived, and he was extremely shy and very timid. We believe that he was an outside dog. Everything inside our home was new to him. He was even afraid to go through doorways. He is still a little timid, depending on the circumstances, but he is very smart. Tucker learned his name and how to use the doggie door within a week.

This happy, sweet Springer boy is just figuring out the world. He is housetrained, and he now uses the doggie door to get out to the yard whenever he needs to go. He is learning the boundaries here, but he is still full of puppy hijinks. He enjoys dragging around articles of clothing he can reach off a chair and getting into all other kinds of mischief normal for a young pup. It has been really fun to foster this boy, and it has been quite easy, as Tucker is remarkably well behaved and calm for a youngster.

Tucker has been with us for about four weeks now and has learned a great deal. In addition to being housetrained, he knows Sit but needs to work on other commands. He is working on learning his manners and how to walk properly on leash. Tucker also suffers from carsickness, but this may subside as he gets older and has more experience riding in cars. As is the case with all puppies, Tucker needs to attend at least one obedience class with consistent follow through from his new family. Obedience classes will show Tucker what is expected of him, let him know who is in charge, and provide invaluable socialization skills that all puppies need. The benefits of these training classes and the attention given to him will be returned tenfold as he grows and learns how to be the best Springer he can be.

This boy will need at least one young dog in his new home to play with. After Tucker gets his daily quota of playtime, he settles down calmly, just like a mature dog. A stay-at-home adult and older children for Tucker to love and interact with would be an added bonus.

Tucker has been neutered. He is up to date on his vaccinations, is microchipped, and has tested negative for heartworm. He is a happy, heathy, energetic puppy looking for the perfect home. Tucker’s ideal family is one that will help him continue his journey to becoming a great Springer.

Anyone interested in Tucker needs to have an approved adoption application on file and must be willing to bring the entire family, including their current dogs, to meet him. Also, please remember that puppies are a lot of work until they reach adulthood.

Please note that an approved application is the first step in a more thorough interview process that is designed to match each dog to exactly the right family, and that the final decision rests with the dog’s foster home.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Bill and Gay Sterling, foster parents
San Jacinto, California

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