Trouble, Petee, and Sissy

Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female & Male
Age: 10 years; 9 years; 9 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 50; 50; 45
Intake number: 2019-064 CA; 2019-065 CA; 2019-066 CA

Springers for Seniors



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Family — a strong word that has a special meaning unique to each of us. For this lovely trio of Springers, family means the comfort and security of always being together, whether it is sniffing around the backyard, going to the vet’s office, or piling on top of one another for a nap. These three have always been together, and we will not separate them into different adoptive homes. Besides, who wouldn’t want triple the Springer love and those sweet kisses! Wouldn’t you like to be their human Forever Family, adding to the security and love they crave?

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We would like to introduce each of these amazing Springers to you:

Trouble is the matriarch of this family, the mother of Petee and Sissy. Trouble’s defining characteristic is sweetness. She loves to be loved, and she loves to be around her humans, but she is also happy napping by herself. Trouble enjoys going for walks, and she does fairly well on leash. She does not play with toys. We believe that is because she was never offered that opportunity in her previous home. When Trouble came into ESRA’s program, she had a mammary gland tumor. It was surgically removed, the biopsy came back benign, and Trouble is now a healthy and happy girl. We have recently noticed that Trouble experiences night time restlessness, although we are not sure of the cause. However, a mild and inexpensive anti-anxiety pill in the evening allows her to sleep peacefully all night.

Petee is extremely bonded with his sister, and he demonstrates anxiety when they are apart. He is a very affectionate boy and is not bashful about taking his share of cuddles! Petee enjoys going for walks, and he shows fairly good manners on leash. Petee, like Trouble, does not play with toys, but he does enjoy hanging out with his foster dad, to whom he has become very attached. When Petee entered foster care, he had a severe upper respiratory infection, but that has now cleared up.

Sissy is dependent upon Petee for security, and she is usually found by his side. She is also a very affectionate dog, and she has bonded well with her foster dad. Sissy enjoys going for walks, and her leash manners are not too bad. When Sissy came into our care, she was a healthy girl. However, because of her dependence upon her mother and brother, she was boarded along with them until they were all well enough to go to a foster home together.

Trouble, Petee, and Sissy get along well with the resident dog in their foster home, and they like to sleep near him at night. They have all been kid tested with a neighbor’s young children, and they passed with flying colors. These three are very well behaved. They don’t jump on people, they know and respond well to basic commands, and they are just an all-around great trio of Springers!

All three of these charmers are housetrained. They have been spayed and neutered, have tested heartworm negative, are current on all vaccinations, and are more than ready for a new Forever Home to call their own.

We know, without a doubt, that these three amazing Springers were well loved in their previous home and are missing being an integral part of a human family. Are you ready to triple your daily quota of Springer love? If so, please contact their case manager for more information.

Please note that an approved adoption application is the first step in a more thorough interview process that is designed to match each dog to exactly the right family, and that the final decision rests with the dog’s foster home.


Contact Information
Contact Name: Cindy Pierson, case manager
Venice, California

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