Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 84
Intake number: 2018-0331 IL

My name is Tipper, and I am looking for a new Forever Family. My owner loved me since I was a puppy, but as he got older his life changed, and unfortunately he was unable to care for me any more. I am missing him a lot.

I feel most comfortable when there is a human around for me to jump on and cuddle with, and I won’t let that person out of my sight when he or she is nearby. My foster dad calls me "an industrial-strength Velcro dog." I hate it when there is no one around, and I will cry a bit, waiting for someone to come home. I honestly don't do anything destructive to the house, and I do settle down after about an hour. I can’t control my happiness when my people come home! I want to let them know just how much they mean to me and what I've been doing all day.

Even though I am about eight years old, I have lots of energy. I love to play, go for walks and car rides, and get belly rubs. Even the idea of going for a walk makes me dance around in circles and look for a toy to take along with me.

I am a very big, strong Springer boy. I’m twenty-one inches at the shoulders. As you can see in my pictures, I do need activity and exercise because I am a little over eighty pounds and could stand to lose some weight. I love to chase after my toys if you throw them, but I am not going to let you take them back and throw them again -- you will have to catch me or find another toy to throw! (Isn't that the way that game is played?) I do know how to Sit on command, but that is about the extent of my training at this point. I don’t respond to my name very well, but that doesn’t matter much since I’m never going to be too far away from you!

I can be a big couch potato when you just want to relax. The thing that calms me down best is when I jump across your lap and roll onto my back to get some belly rubbing from you. Be prepared, because you might get a little bit wet from the sloppy Springer kisses I just love to give. I am very friendly with everyone and fairly well mannered, just very exuberant at times.

I am really good about doing my business outside, but I want you to go outside with me because I don't want to lose you, and I also want you to keep an eye on me. I get along with other dogs and, reportedly, with cats. However, I confess that I may get a bit jealous and try to butt in if you show other animals lots of attention. I will also let you know when I need affection by putting my nose under your arm or placing a big paw on you.

Since I do like being near my humans, I like to jump into the people bed when it's time to go to sleep, but I don’t spend all night there. After a while I have to jump off and sleep on the floor because people can get too hot and uncomfortable to sleep on after a while. I am the kind of guy that has to change positions a lot. I snore a little, too -- hope you don't mind!

The good people of ESRA took care of a few vetting issues for me. I am up to date on all my shots now, I've had my ears and teeth cleaned really well, and I had a cyst removed.

My foster dad says that when I do something, I do it as if it is the most important thing in the world, with enthusiasm and zest. Once I've finished an activity, I will crash until I am ready to go again, which is just about any time I see you moving. I always want to know what are you doing, where are you going, and whether I can I come, too.

As you can imagine, the perfect Forever Home for me will have someone who is around a lot and who will be able to exercise and play with me regularly. Also, I need someone who understands that I really want to be a jumbo-sized lap dog. My foster dad says that I am a just big, sweet baby. If there is another dog in the household, that would be fine, but it's not necessary. My people are most important and essential for my comfort, security, and love. So if you think we would be a good match, please contact my case manager by phone or email. I can't wait to meet you!

Big Springer kisses,

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Contact Name: Anne Solak-Tennant, Case Manager 708-799-7039
South Bend, Indiana

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