Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Female
Age: 11 years
Color: Black & white
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 32
Intake number: 2016-0517 AL

Tinker had a rough start as one of a group of dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Florence, AL, in 2016. She has blossomed in foster care after receiving some needed veterinary treatment and a whole lot of human kindness. Now this sweet older lady is ready to find her Forever Home.

These days, Tinker is living the good life. She is happy, friendly and energetic and plays nicely with another small dog in her foster home. Despite her age and smaller stature, she will jump over a baby gate to follow her foster mom. As long as she is with her favorite human, she is calm and content and will stay close and nap. Tinker is friendly with other dogs and not interested in the cats she has met at the local vet clinic.

Her number one need in a Forever Home is human companionship. She’s not a dog who needs tons of exercise or a large space to run; a smaller enclosed courtyard or patio area would be just fine with Tinker. She just needs regular potty breaks and, of course, love and attention.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Cathy Scheffer, Case Manager
Jackson, Mississippi

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