Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Male
Age: 13 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 50
Intake number: 2019-021 WI


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Timmy came into ESRA because his owner had to care for a family member and couldn't take Timmy along. Since entering our program, Timmy has been brought up to date with vaccinations, and he has been neutered. He is in good health and shape for a senior gentlemen. His eyes have some nuclear sclerosis, but he sees fine. He also has some hearing loss. His hips may be a little sore, but he is on Rymadil, which has helped ease his discomfort.

Although Timmy is a good walker, he does pull on a short leash, so he wears a headcollar or harness. He loves to walk through every puddle he can find! Timmy requires a good walk in both the morning and the evening to get all his business done. Otherwise, he is likely to have an accident in the house. Although he is able to hold his urine for a long time, his anal muscles are a bit weak, so it is hard for him not to defecate when he really needs to go. Timmy knows the commands Sit and Come. At his former home, he had been trained to a wireless fence and wore a shock collar. At his foster home, he likes to have someone accompany him when he goes outside.

An environment where someone is home most of the time would be ideal for Timmy. He gets anxious if he is locked up or in a kennel. At those times, he will whine and may bark. Timmy is good with all people, including children, and also with other dogs. He does not get along with or tolerate cats. He was once a hunter, but he hasn't hunted in a number of years.

This handsome boy is a talker! He whines a little when he wants something, and he barks when he really wants something. If you would like a companion in the car with you, Timmy is your guy! He loves car rides, and he just needs a little boost to get into the vehicle.

As you can imagine, it may take a bit of time for Timmy to adjust to a new living situation after spending his whole life with one family, but he is a very sweet, friendly, happy, and affectionate boy. He loves to be petted. He is a great snuggler, and he delights in cuddling next to you on the couch.

If you are looking for a great companion and a devoted friend, Timmy is waiting to meet you! Please submit an online Adoption Application, then contact his foster mom at the email address below.

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 402322-DS

Contact Information
Contact Name: Marsha Johnson
Madison, Wisconsin

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