Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 50
Intake number: 2016-0435 GA

Simone is a sweet, shy young lady with a gentle spirit. Because of a rough start in life, she needs some extra help overcoming her fears. She is making great progress and is affectionate, loving and most appreciative of human kindness.

Simone is crate trained and finds comfort in her crate, retreating there when she is startled by loud noises and sudden, fast movements. She prefers to spend most of her time indoors.

She would be an excellent candidate for positive reinforcement based training because she is very motivated by treats and human affection. Her foster family is working with her on coming out of the crate when called, walking comfortably on leash (she doesn't pull quite the opposite she freezes and won't walk when frightened), and the finer points of housetraining (almost there).

Simone seems more comfortable with women than with men and would likely bond first with her Forever Mom, and then gradually warm up to other family members. We think she would prefer a quiet, adult home or a home with adults and older children; the noisy play of little ones would frighten her. She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home. She is a beautiful and sweet dog, eager for human bonding. She just needs lots of love, training, and patience.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Cathy Scheffer, Case Manager
Atlanta, Georgia

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