Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 60
Intake number: 2018-246WI

When Sherman was found as a stray, he weighed in at seventy-two pounds, one pound of which was mats. The poor boy was infested with fleas and ticks, and he had an ear infection and hot spots. The shelter tested him for tick-borne diseases; Sherman tested positive for Lyme disease and anaplasmosis. He was treated with antibiotics for the tick diseases, the ear infection, and the hot spots. It was also found that he has cataracts and is hard of hearing, although he can hear loud voices. His teeth are amazingly clean! The shelter staff reached out to ESRA for assistance because they felt that Sherman would do better in a foster home setting than in the shelter environment. He is now up to date with vaccinations, and his ear infection and hot spots have all cleared. We're also please to report that Sherman has lost a some weight while he has been in foster care due to getting regular exercise.

If you are looking for a low-energy, sweet, gentle, and calm lover boy, Sherman is your guy! He gets a little spunk in his step and hops around (he does not jump) when he wakes up in the morning and also when his foster mom gets home from work. When he first sees you, he just wants to be hugged and shown love. His foster mom says that Sherman has an interesting way of walking when he is excited, as his body curls to the side. He is such a funny boy! All he wants is to be touched, petted, and loved. He will occasionally give sweet little kisses in return.

When he first came into his foster home, Sherman tried to sneak out of the house, but now he sits and waits for his foster mom to go out first. Sherman gets jealous when he first meets other dogs if they are getting all the attention, and he growls at those times. However, if he is told "No" when he first meets other dogs, he is fine with them after that first meeting. He is currently living with a female Springer, and he and his doggy foster sister get along well together. He does not play with her, but they will lie comfortably next to each other.

Sherman does well with all the children he meets, no matter what their ages are. He stayed one night at another foster home where there was a resident cat, and he was fine with the cat. This affectionate boy would love to be the only dog in his Forever Home so that he could get all the attention, but he also does well with another calm dog in the household.

This well-behaved guy is generally good on a leash, although he will pull if he is on the trail of a rabbit. When he rides in a car, he needs to be lifted into the vehicle, after which he settles in for the ride. Sherman is crate trained, but he doesn't need to be crated. He is allowed free roam of the house and does not get into things he shouldn't. He takes treats very politely and well, although he can't catch them. Sherman likes to sleep on the first floor rather than in the bedroom, as it is cooler on the first floor. He does not get onto furniture. (If he wanted to do that, he would need help.) He is also housetrained, and he can wait for over twelve hours without any accidents. He likes to do his business on walks rather than in his yard. At this time, he does not show any interest in swimming or playing with other dogs or toys. When Sherman goes to doggy day care with his foster sister, he mainly enjoys snuggling with the people there.

Sherman would love to have at least one person in his Forever Family who is home most of the day, as it is obvious that he was neglected in his previous life and was starved for love. He is a good, sweet dog who just needs a comfortable and caring home where he will be treated as a cherished member of the family. Can you give this boy the love and affection he craves and deserves? If so, please contact his foster mom at the email address below.

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 402322-DS

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Marsha Johnson, foster mom
Madison, Wisconsin

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