Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 15 months
Color: Black & white
Weight in pounds: 30
Intake number: 2018-302MI

This charming and loyal little Springer is Scout, a friendly puppy who thrives on love and attention from the humans she adores. As submissive and sweet as can be, Baby Girl, as her foster mom calls her, is simply a darling, full of personality and affection.

Scout adores walking with her foster family, and she prefers to be in front of them, moving side to side in a flushing motion to seek the birdies she loves to spot. Because of this prey drive, Scout really comes alive when she sees airborne avians. She can spot a robin several houses away, and when she spies one she dances around on her leash, eager to give chase. In a closed field, she recently roused a sparrow from the ground and chased it all the way to the fence line, much to Scout's delight! Even with this innate fascination with birds, however, she is not a suited to be a gun dog. She is much better as a companion lap pooch!

Scout is trained to wait for her tie-out leash before running out the door, and she has not tried to dart away. However, based on her love of pursuing feathered friends, we will require her Forever Home to have a fenced yard for this sporty girl to explore safely. When out for a family stroll, spirited Scout will sound the "Roo, roo!" at people running by because she would love to tag along with them. While Scout is generally low key, she will also bark to alert and protect her humans. She will also gleefully chime in if other dogs are vocalizing.

As a young Springer, Scout needs a long walk or a sufficient run daily. She would also appreciate playtime in the yard with her folks since she likes to fetch and retrieve balls and frolic with toys. Scout also enjoys splashing in water, whether joining her foster mom in the shower or prancing through the garden-hose spray. And this fun girl is always ready for an outing to the park, although she is just now warming up to car rides.

When she's indoors, Scout basically melts, lying pleasantly at her foster mom's feet, sleeping deeply and snoring contentedly. She prefers to lie near her people rather than on a doggie bed. By nature, Scout is a bit Velcro but not in a bothersome way. Cuddling is one of her specialties, and while she does not get on furniture as a rule, Scout is happy to sleep quietly on the bed with her humans or lie peacefully on the couch with them. This princess enjoys the comfort of her blankie and the satisfaction of giving sweet kisses.

Scout is deeply bonded to her people and would do best in a household with someone at home most of the time. She should not be left alone for long periods, as she needs and deserves the company of her family. Scout displays some separation anxiety and does not like to be crated, perhaps as a result of previous negative experiences. She is housetrained, she does not countersurf, and she has proper inside manners, never chewing or damaging anything in her foster home. Currently Scout is only crated for her safety when she is left home all alone. Upon her family's return, she greets them with exuberance, as if they had been away for a year!

While Scout adores the teens in her foster home, she would not be a good match for a Forever Family with young children. Only dog-savvy, respectful teenagers are suitable for this sweet pea. Scout gets along well with her foster brother and other canines. She is fine with the resident felines, mostly leaving them alone. If Scout tries to engage them and they tell her to back off, she obliges!

If you think that Scout sounds like an amazing baby girl, she truly is. At her recent veterinary appointment for routine vaccinations and preventives, it was determined that this pretty pup cannot hear. The vet found no current infection and could not diagnose the cause of sweet Scout's hearing deficit, although it is likely that she has been deaf since birth. While we will probably never know with certainty the reason for her condition, we do know for sure that Scout will become a marvelous member of an understanding, compassionate Forever Family who will respect her unique needs.

Beautiful Scout is blossoming into a young dog who relishes direct connection with her people and craves their affection. She would make an amazing sidekick, showering constant Springer love upon her lucky Forever Family. If you are seeking faithful, rewarding canine companionship, Scout might just be your winning ticket. Some special Forever Home is about to hit the jackpot!

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Contact Name: Kim Marvin, Michigan coordinator
Harrison Township, Michigan

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