Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
Color: Black & white
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 55
Intake number: 2018-0263 NE

Meet Sarge, a handsome English Springer/border collie mix with a lot of love in his heart. Sarge's previous owner turned him over to a local shelter. Because the shelter was full, they contacted ESRA. We were glad to take Sarge into our program and help him find his perfect Forever Home.

The Springer part of Sarge's background is evident in many ways. His toes are webbed. He is very much a Velcro dog who has to be where his people are. And, as is typical of most Springers, Sarge is a sponge for attention.

Sarge is a well-mannered guy. He is housetrained, and he knows basic commands like Sit. He seldom begs, and he has no issues such as counter surfing. This laidback and easygoing boy is kind and eager to please, and there isn't a mean bone in his body. Above all, Sarge is a very intelligent and intuitive dog who seems to be able to read and understand humans' body language quite well.

Some of Sarge's favorite pastimes are taking naps while his people do chores around the house, riding in the car, and taking walks. He does well with walks of twenty to thirty minutes each, but he can get tuckered out when he walks farther than three miles or when it's very hot. Sarge walks well on leash, except that he will occasionally cut in front of his handler. He and his foster dad are working on this issue.

True to his friendly nature, Sarge enjoys being with other other dogs and wants to be pals with everyone. He gets along with big and small dogs alike, and he enjoys interacting with a neighbor's puppy. Sarge is also friendly to cats, although his foster dad needs to remind him that the resident cat isn't as friendly as Sarge is. Generally they get along, but Sarge will leave the cat alone when the cat is not interested.

Of course the highlight of Sarge's life is being around people. He loves them all: the grade-school-aged kids in the neighborhood, the ladies at the grooming salon, and the staff at the vet clinic. He's basically a big cuddle bear, and he will do whatever is necessary to be closer to his people. He does NOT want to be separated from them by being in another room, and he may panic if he doesn't know where his humans are.

Sarge is amazingly clever and agile. His foster dad reports that a crate must be locked or secured, as Sarge has been able to escape by opening the latches or forcing the door. He can open doors with handles. He has been known to scale fences, and as his foster dad reports, "I have witnessed Sarge jumping over the fifty-inch-high steel gate I bought to keep him out of the living room."

Crate training is a work in progress for Sarge. His foster dad says that Sarge can now be kept in a secure crate for up to six hours. He doesn't bark after being placed in the crate as much as he did at first, and he will now enter the crate on his own if there is a small dish of food inside.

Sarge is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations and is ready to find his Forever Home. Because of Sarge's need to be with his people as much as possible, his ideal family will include at least one member who will be home with Sarge most of the time. This sweet boy will be a wonderful addition to the family who will give him the love and attention he requires and deserves. If you think that family is yours, please contact his foster dad at the email address below.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Ben Wright, foster dad
Lincoln, Nebraska

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