Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 53
Intake number: 2019-063 ND

Be sure to read the update at the bottom of the page from Rupert's foster mom. He's learning a lot and is doing very well!


Meet Rupert! He's an energetic, snuggly Springer mix who enjoys spending time with his foster family, including the resident Springer. Rupert loves exploring new things on walks, chewing on his Nylabones, getting belly rubs, and spending time snuggling with his people and watching TV. His tail never stops thumping! He rides well in the car and looks forward to all new adventures.

This very smart boy has picked up basic commands easily, but he will benefit from further obedience training with his new family. Rupert walks well on a leash, but he will need continued help in remaining calm when he meets new people and dogs along the way. He's quite friendly, but he often tries to say “hello” by jumping at everyone. Rupert is very excitable when his foster family comes home from work. He doesn’t realize his own size when he greets people. Rupert’s foster family is helping him learn appropriate greetings, but his Forever Family will need to continue this work. Because Rupert does like to jump up and can be a bit mouthy when he's excited, a home for him with older children or just adults would be best.

Rupert is young, and he needs to have the proper outlets for his energy; walks, runs, other outdoor play, and mental stimulation will help keep this boy on his best behavior. He does have a strong prey drive and a puppy-like curiosity that could get him into trouble off-leash, as he needs work on his recall. He will do well in a Forever Home with another dog who can show him how to be the best boy possible (and one who doesn't mind the occasional wrestling match!).

This handsome guy currently has the run of the house while his foster family is at work. He doesn't mind the kennel, but long periods in it seem to bring out his inner Houdini skills. As he is still a young boy, unsupervised time has occasionally led to a bit of minor mischief. Because of this, a Forever Home where he is alone for just a few hours at a time or where someone can come home for a while at midday would suit him best. Rupert enjoys napping on his favorite doggie bed and perching on the back of the couch while on neighborhood watch when his foster family is away. Each night, Rupert hops up on the bed with just his front paws to give each of his foster parents a nice long nuzzle (and maybe a couple of puppy kisses) before he curls up in his bed on the floor. He would love it if the people bed were big enough for him to sleep in, too!

Rupert is up to date on his shots, has been neutered, is heartworm negative, and is microchipped. He is mostly housetrained, but he may mark in new situations. However, a belly band has helped him to learn quickly that this isn't okay.

His new family will do best to keep Rupert active. He will thrive as he learns what is expected of him and where his boundaries are. If you are looking for a sweet, energetic boy to share your life and your love, submit an online application and then contact Rupert's case managers.

Update from Rupert’s foster mom, May 21, 2019: During the past couple of months with Rupert, we've learned that he does well with cats. He occasionally wants to play with them, but a few bops on the nose have taught him to be respectful. He's also starting to "get it" when it comes to recall; we have dropped his leash while in the (not-completely-fenced-in) back yard, and he tends to stay close and respond when his name is called. Rupert absolutely loves spending time at the dog park! He loves to wrestle with the big dogs who love to wrestle, he bows and barks in a friendly way with the smallest dogs, and he will chase (and be chased) by any dog willing to run with him. On the rare occasions when things start getting a little too crazy, he responds well with taking a short break to reset before getting back to the action.

Recently, Rupert has been able to join his us for a beer or two at the local breweries. His favorite thing is meeting new people, and he manages to draw in plenty of new faces to give him lots of pets. During his last trip, he settled in very well and eventually curled up on the floor with our resident Springer. He gets lots of treats while he’s out and about, which, of course, is the best thing ever!

On our walks in the local park, he has figured out that he can't jump at people or dogs, and he now politely (albeit, still excitedly) greets everyone he meets. He has a few favorite "regular" dog friends on our walks, and they love to bow and start to play, at least until the leashes get too tangled and the people on the other end of those leashes decide it's time to move on. Rupert has even learned that greeting little children can be a bit scary for the kids, but if he sits nicely for them, they might be willing to let him lick their ears!

Rupert has come a long way in learning to appropriately greet us when we come home. He still likes to jump, but that’s now much more manageable, and a firm “Sit” (especially when accompanied by a few treats) gets him to stop pretty quickly. On the rare occasions when he's just too excited for a Sit command to work, a brief timeout in his kennel to reset works wonders, especially if his favorite toys are in there with him so he can chew on them for a bit. He's even been known to take a quick nap!

A full eight-hour work day still seems to be just a tad too much for Rupert to handle on his own before he finds himself getting into a bit of puppy-like mischief, but four to six hours without his people seems to be okay for him. We live on a residential street with a fair amount of through-traffic, and the uptick in activity at around 2:30 to 3 p.m. when school lets out seems to trigger some excitement in Rupert. We don't think his mischief is related to separation anxiety — it’s just boredom. He has also done all right with being in his kennel for a couple of hours at a time. In the evening after a walk or trip to a dog park, he loves napping and snuggling on the couch, and he puts himself to bed around 8:00 almost every night.

Rupert has a big heart and lots of love to give. All in all, he is a delightful and amusing boy who has learned a lot during his time here with us and is making progress every day!

Please note that an approved adoption application is the first step in a more thorough interview process that is designed to match each dog to exactly the right family, and the final decision rests with the dog’s case manager.


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Contact Name: Ellie Starks or Rebecca Thompson, case managers
Columbia Heights, Minnesota

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