Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 52
Intake number: 2019-186 IL

Here is a beautiful dog who needs a new home. Roscoe is currently living with Eddie, another ESRA boy who was adopted several years ago. Roscoe has suddenly decided that he wants to be the only dog in the house. He does not appreciate Eddie's companionship or the attention Eddie gets from the people. The family loves Roscoe, so, with heavy hearts, they are doing what is best for both dogs.

Roscoe is a sweet Velcro Springer who loves giving kisses and just wants to hang out with his humans. He’s happy and healthy. He loves the adults and kids in his current family, but he would be happiest in a home where he is the center of attention.

This silly, goofy boy loves his toys and will carry them from room to room and even sleep with them in his mouth. He likes to greet his family with an energetic “roo-roo” when they get home, and his little tail wags so hard that it looks as if it might fly off! Although Roscoe enjoys sniffing around the backyard, his favorite spot is on the couch or the bed with his family. This polite boy will wait for an invitation to jump up. Roscoe also likes to watch TV and will growl and roo-roo at puppets, monsters, and dogs that come on screen! Roscoe loves being where his people are, but he is not clingy. He just wants to lie down in the same room his family is in. He’s beyond sweet, and with his ultra-soft fur, it’s hard to deny him when he asks for attention!

Roscoe does not counter surf, and he has free run of the house while his family is away. He’s crate trained, although the crate is not used anymore. He sleeps in a doggie bed in the master bedroom. He knows the commands Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It, Go Potty, Paw, Night-Night, and Drop It. He will surrender anything that he shouldn't have. Roscoe is not destructive, with one exception. Soft plastic is his kryptonite. Rubber flip flops, Birkenstocks, or other soft plastic footwear needs to be put away as he cannot help himself and will chew to bits any such items he finds. Roscoe does jump on guests when they first arrive, but within a minute or so he settles down and goes about his business. He will growl out the window at dogs that pass on the street. He has almost no prey drive, however, so bunnies, squirrels, and birds go unnoticed.

Because he has a moderate energy level, Roscoe only needs one or two short walks a day, and during the summer months he prefers to be indoors where it’s cool. Initially he pulls on the leash, but he quickly settles down after a block or two. Roscoe is good with dogs he meets on these outings. He loves playing fetch with his plush toys, and he will spring and pounce on them before returning them to the tosser for another round.

Roscoe is neutered, housetrained, and microchipped. He’s great with older children. He would would do best with a family that is home most of the time or with an owner that works from home.

If you can provide this gorgeous guy with a loving Forever Home that meets his needs, one where he can be the apple of your eye, please submit an online Adoption Application and then contact Roscoe's coordinator by phone or email.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Anne Solak-Tennant, coordinator (708) 799-7039
Park Ridge, Illinois

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