Dog Info
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 45
Intake number: 2019-352 MI

This beautiful Springer is Romeo. He’s a young, friendly, energetic fellow with a cheerful personality and a mild temperament. Sweet Romeo is adored and well cared for in his current home. However, due to some life changes, his owner is seeking a Forever Family who can devote to his beloved boy the time and attention that Romeo needs and deserves.

A delightful companion, Romeo is happiest in the company of his people. He serves as a dedicated sidekick, snuggling on the couch and sleeping on the bed with his humans. And like many Springers, Romeo is excited to greet both new and familiar faces, affectionately giving kisses to anyone who will allow him to do so. Basking in the attention of admiring people is second nature for this charmer. He has behaved nicely and appropriately with all of the children that he has met.

As a playful little guy, Romeo is passionate about his ball, and he enjoys a tiring game of fetch. He is also most fond of his daily neighborhood strolls. Although Romeo is leash trained, he does like to test his limits, at least for the first part of each walk! He would probably make a good jogging partner after a bit of practice. Romeo has mastered a few commands such as Come, Sit, Down, and Roll Over. He is generally an obedient fellow unless he is distracted by a few of his favorite things: squirrels, rabbits, or birds! Because of his inquisitive prey drive, Romeo will need a Forever Home with a fenced yard for him to explore safely.

While Romeo does not bark often, he will alert his humans to an unfamiliar sound or a strange animal. He does tend to vocalize with some canines that he meets. Since he has not had much exposure to other dogs, Romeo would benefit from opportunities to socialize with and become more comfortable around his peers, and he would be best suited as an only dog in his Forever Home. He has not been tested with cats.

Romeo was crated early on when he was being housetrained. While he will often still venture into his crate for a rest, he is well behaved when he is home alone, so he does not need to be confined. However, Romeo is known to explore the trash, so efforts are made around the house to prevent this tendency by keeping trash out of his reach.

Curious Romeo will not hesitate to grab a bite to eat if food is left near the edge of a table, but he mostly just looks at you with soulful eyes and hopes that you will share with him what morsels you are enjoying! Romeo is a seasoned traveler, riding perfectly in the car during several trips to Florida. He is a champ at the vet’s office and is a dream for the groomer.

Adjectives such as “awesome,” “great,” and “amazing” describe this handsome, happy chap. Current on vaccinations and preventives, microchipped, and neutered, Romeo is looking for love and is ready to woo his soon-to-be Forever Family. Have you fallen for this fantastic Springer? If so, fill out an online Adoption Application right away and then contact our state coordinator!

Contact Information
Contact Name: Kim Marvin, Michigan coordinator
Ferndale, Michigan

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