Reuben and Ivie Mae

Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male & Female
Age: 6 years; 6 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 55; 44
Intake number: 2019-113 MN; 2019-114MN

Read about the special connection shared by a bonded pair.

Two peas in a pod — meet Ivie Mae and Reuben! Unfortunately, their previous family had to give them up due to health reasons. It is obvious that both dogs have been well loved and cared for. They are delightful, loving, and funny Springers who would be a joyful addition to any household. These two homebodies enjoy cuddling, sleeping, chewing on their toys, and walking around town or through the fields on their leash.

Ivie Mae can be timid initially, but it doesn't take long for her to warm up to new people and situations. Reuben settles himself in immediately and is a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Although it may take a short period of time for them to adapt to the routine of their new Forever Home, they are sure to be Velcro doggies — you know, the kind who want to be so close to their people that you have to step over one or both to continue making breakfast!

Reuben and Ivie Mae are housetrained, and they do well when left in the house on their own. However, they would be happiest to have someone at home with them much of the day as that's what they have been accustomed to. Both do fine with their foster siblings, two male Springers ages three and six, although Ivie Mae is not so fond the younger dog's energy as she prefers a calm home.

This adorable pair could do with a bit more exercise, and they would benefit from regular walks with their Forever Family. These two have made great progress in sharing with their foster brothers, they are responding well to remedial obedience, and both take baths like champs! Their understanding of commands is coming along, but work still needs to be done in walking on a leash without pulling, although they do not pull too hard. A fenced yard will be necessary for their safety and security, especially as Reuben still needs work on learning his boundaries.

Ivie Mae and Reuben are very sweet, and they truly want a Forever Home together. Would you like a double dose of loving? If so, please submit an online adoption application and then contact their coordinator to find out more about this special duo.


Contact Information
Contact Name: Ellie Starks or Rebecca Thompson, case managers
Redwood Falls, Minnesota

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