Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 10 months
  • Black Tricolor
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 50
Intake number: 2019-092 WI

Remington is a tall, lean, and beautiful young English Springer Spaniel who is an affectionate puppy both to his foster parents and to his foster Springer brother. He gives a respectful distance to an older papillon who thinks Remi is too energetic for her.

This energetic guy loves to play fetch, and he enjoys lots of exercise. He is happy to run around the yard with the tennis ball or frisbee in his mouth if you don't have lots of time to throw one for him. His previous owner taught him to run on a treadmill for exercise when the weather isn't nice.

From his foster family: Remi has been to obedience class, and he knows quite a few commands including Sit, Stay, Come, Drop It, Leave It, High Five, Crawl — and more! He is a very smart, attentive dog and is eager to learn. He walks well on leash with his spike collar, but he pulls and needs work with a regular or choke collar. Remi loves car rides. He sits or lies in the back seat and can be trusted to be a good boy when he is left alone for a short time. He sleeps in his kennel all night without making a sound, although we know he would also definitely enjoy sharing your bed with you! He would love to be a lap dog, but we have not allowed him on the furniture or the bed out of respect for his future owner. He likes to be nearby when we are cooking, and he is under the table during meals, but he never begs. Remi does have a history of some food aggression, but as fosters, we have not challenged this. We feed him in another room just to make sure there is no opportunity for poor behavior. He politely sits with the two other household dogs when it is treat time, and there has never been any problem with him when he is given single-bite treats.

Remi has mild anxiety with a tendency toward light staring/chasing. He has been evaluated by a veterinary behaviorist, and her conculsion is that Remi is a wonderful, sweet, smart, and gentle dog who has a beautiful future ahead of him. Information that will help him overcome his anxiety issues will be included in his paperwork. He also has a medication to calm him that is used only on days when he is feeling anxious. This medication is under ten dollars for thirty pills.

Remi was surrendered to ESRA because of a bite incident with a toddler. The exact reason is unclear, and the child's skin was not broken, but the owners felt they could not trust Remi around their young child. The other child in the house was nine years old and loved Remi. There was no problem with that relationship.

Remi should be placed in a family without very young children. He needs loving people who will continue his training, provide plenty of opportunity for exercise, and help him overcome his anxiety. This special boy is worth the time and effort to help him be the best dog he can be. If you have room in your home and your heart for Remi, please complete an online Adoption Application and then contact his foster family.

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 402322-DS

Contact Information
Contact Name: Elle and Jay Jaquet, foster parents
Kaukauna, Wisconsin

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