Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 45
Intake number: 2019-95 TX

Who’s looking for a love bug? Wait until you see Raider’s little tail wag when you walk in the door. He will be SO happy to see you!

This sweet boy loves to sit in your lap or stand next to you for a few scratches. If you’re walking about, he’s sure to follow and will probably be carrying his favorite toy along too. Raider has been very mellow in his new foster home, but we suspect he hasn’t completely come out of his shell yet. He is recovering from an ear infection and will need to go through heartworm treatment in his foster-to-adopt home.

Raider is working on basic commands like Sit and Stay, and he’s a fast learner. He walks really well on leash, only pulling when there’s a squirrel taunting him. He has not been crated because there’s really no need to do so. He would love to sleep in your bed, but if you’re not up for that it only takes a few “down” commands for him to learn he can’t do that. Smart boy! As long as he can sleep near you, he’s a happy camper.

Raider is unknown with small children, but we think he will be fine with older ones. After all, he loves the attention! We suspect Raider may get a little too excited around cats, as they do kind of resemble squirrels. He hasn't been around many other dogs, but with his sweet temperament we think he would enjoy a canine sibling. This love sponge will push by other dogs to get his fair share of attention, so if you currently have a dog he would need to be okay with sharing his time with you.

Raider is such a good boy! He doesn’t bark much, only when there’s a good reason to bark and after his foster brother has already sent out the alert. He is totally fine in the house uncrated, whether someone is home or not. He likes to lie next to his foster brother’s crate to nap. They don’t really play together but they seem comforted by each other’s presence.

Raider is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations. He has completed the pre-treatment for heartworms but will need to finish his treatment in his foster-to-adopt home (at ESRA’s expense). Raider has gotten carsick, so it would be best not to feed him before a road trip and to consult with your vet for possible medication to help with nausea.

Don’t miss out on this sweet gorgeous boy! He’s ready to go to his foster-to-adopt home now!

Please submit an Online Adoption Application if you are interested in Raider. It is always the first step in our adoption process.

Special note to all out-of-state applicants:   Please ask your State Coordinator to forward your approved Adoption Application to the contact listed.  Also note that all out-of-state adopters must come to Texas/Oklahoma to retrieve their dog.  Dogs will not be allowed to fly in the cargo area of a commercial aircraft.  Smaller dogs that meet the weight and size restrictions for in-cabin flight will be allowed to travel in the main cabin area under the front seat of their adopter in an approved carrier following FAA and airline regulations.  Cost of canine airline travel will be the responsibility of the adopting family.

Please note:  Due to the heat of the summer months, the airlines will not fly dogs during this season.  Please don’t ask us to do that.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Sheri Cromwell
Austin, Texas

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