Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years
  • Liver Tricolor
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 30
Intake number: 2019-240 TX

Well, you can see why we named this precious little fella Patch. The name suits him well. He's darling, he's outgoing, he's loving, and just a wonderful pint-size boy. His face is simply angelic!

Patch was brought into the shelter as a stray. With Patch's best interest in mind, the shelter immediately reached out to ESRA once his stray hold was up. Poor guy was stinky, matted and infested with fleas. But, he sure cleaned up nicely! He is likely a field-bred Springer with perhaps a little bit of something else sprinkled in.

We have found Patch to be very well mannered, house trained, crate trained, and refreshingly nice on a leash. He's an easy-going guy, a pro cuddler, a couch snuggler and a lover of all people. Car rides? He's always game and a perfect little passenger. When he's out and about in public, he will literally squeal with excitement, his whole body will wag, and he'll approach all strangers with a big smile. No one yet has been able to resist his sweetness. His temperament is A+. We suspect he would fare well with older children. He is reliable left out in the house unattended but will also happily and willingly settle in his crate. Patch takes a bit of time to warm up to other dogs and is tolerating them in his foster home. He avoids any interaction with them when at all possible. We believe he would be a happy camper as the one and only. He only has eyes for you!

Two different vets estimated his age to be somewhere around 7 to 8 years old. He appears to be quite healthy with the exception of 5 extra pounds we're working to get off to get him to an ideal weight of 25 lbs. He tested negative for heartworms. He is slightly anemic likely from the flea infestation. We brought him current on his vaccinations, microchipped him for safekeeping, and performed a much-needed dental.

Patch is an easy dog and would make the most fabulous companion. If you can give him the awesome and well-loved life he deserves, please submit an Online Adoption Application if you are interested in Patch. It is always the first step in our adoption process.

Special note to all out-of-state applicants:   Please ask your State Coordinator to forward your approved Adoption Application to the contact listed.  Also note that all out-of-state adopters must come to Texas/Oklahoma to retrieve their dog.  Dogs will not be allowed to fly in the cargo area of a commercial aircraft.  Smaller dogs that meet the weight and size restrictions for in-cabin flight will be allowed to travel in the main cabin area under the front seat of their adopter in an approved carrier following FAA and airline regulations.  Cost of canine airline travel will be the responsibility of the adopting family.

Please note:  Due to the heat of the summer months, the airlines will not fly dogs during this season.  Please don’t ask us to do that.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Beth Maryan
Dallas, Texas

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