Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 51
Intake number: 2018-0322 FL

Hi! I’m back! Look at me now! My out-of-state adoption fell through. I have adjusted well to life with my foster mom and brother, but I really need a Forever Home where people are around more often during the weekdays. While I enjoy my daily morning and evening walks with my foster mom and our daytime visits with our dog walker, a retired person/couple or family with older kids in a home with a nice yard would be ideal. I would love additional exercise in the yard during the day and more time to hunt for lizards. Having other canine siblings would be fine, too. Springers are preferred, but I have met lots of other dogs and get along with them just fine.

When I came to ESRA, no one really knew anything about me because I was abandoned at a boarding facility. I needed a trip straight to the vets for a full check-up. I have been neutered, microchipped, tested negative for heartworm and am now on regular heartworm and flea preventatives.

The trip to the vets is when we discovered that I am very fearful of riding in the car and I especially don’t like getting shots. The vet uses a muzzle on me and now my foster mom helps distract me, so I am doing better with check-ups. When my shots are over my foster mom gives me belly rubs and treats and I am back to my normal self in no time. Also, the vet thinks I am closer to 6 years old and I have a keen sense of awareness. I am hesitant around new people and cautious when I initially go outside or to a new place. I need a “chill” pill with cheese for car rides and am taking medications to help my apprehension while I learn to adjust to new situations.

My foster mom thinks I am adorable and would keep me forever if she could, but she works full-time and thinks I would be better with more people time. She just loves when I greet her or play with my stuffed Piglet or plush bear toys. I love them so much and wouldn’t dream of chewing them up. However, I really like to rip squeaky toys apart and don’t like to share dog bones, so I can only have plush toys in the house and bones only in my crate in the car. She has been calling me Sebastian because she says it fits me.

I am great on a leash and can bring it to you when I want to go for a walk. I enjoy exploring the outdoors and am very curious whenever I see any cats. My foster mom lets me look at them and tells me I am a good boy because I don’t bark at them. We have also walked to a few local restaurants and I have done well there too.

She is so proud of how I have adjusted and can tell you how much her love and my foster brother’s companionship has helped comfort me. She knows life with another Springer-loving family will also be great for me. Just read below to see what she has to say about me.

Your pal, Paladin

From Paladin's foster mom: Paladin is a sweet, smart boy. He isn’t an absolute Velcro dog, but he likes to know where his humans are in the house. He also likes to explore a bit and will sometimes curl up under a table or at the end of the bed. He listens well and follows basic commands, is house and crate trained and is very gentle when taking treats. He enjoys his meals, but waits patiently and will wait quietly until it is time to eat. He goes willingly into his crate and will bark a bit when he realizes that I have left the house, but he settles down after a while (I have a doggy-cam to check on him when I am away).

He gets along well with his canine foster brother and has done well when other family members and dogs have come to visit. He loves being outside in the garden and is zealous when chasing lizards. Once inside, he calms down nicely and loves to wallow in his blankets and is so joyful when nuzzled in a pile pillows. At night, he either sleeps in his bed with his blanket or in bed with his me and his foster brother.

His medicine coupled with regular exposure to a variety of situations have helped curb his apprehension. He has done well at restaurants, in the park and with other dogs at his dog walkers home and has become more comfortable in these sorts of places. With time, we suspect that he will adjust, and it may no longer be needed.

Paladin is a wonderful, happy, healthy boy and has been a delight to have around. I will miss him dearly, but know that he will thrive in a Springer lover’s home. Won’t you consider giving this beautiful boy his Forever Home?

Contact Information
Contact Name: Susan Zuker, Case Manager
Clearwater, Florida

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