Dog Info
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
  • Liver Tricolor
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 35
Intake number: 2019-275 NE

From Ollie’s foster mom:

Yep, It’s puppy love time!

Ollie is one year old. Cute as a button, he’s a ball of energy and personality. Ollie is pretty much what you would expect from a young male dog. He is smart, trainable, and on the go-go-go! This guy has super bounding abilities. He is known to leap into our laps when we are least expecting it! It pleases him so when we snuggle him up.

Handsome Ollie likes pretty much everyone and everything. He is an agreeable little guy, ready to learn so much. Right now he knows the commands Sit and Come, as well as leash manners. He is housetrained, but we must remember to let him outside regularly. Ollie has learned how to use a doggie door, and he respects the invisible fence here at his foster home. He rides nicely in the car. What he has not mastered is a bit of self-control when he meets people or wants attention. He loves to leap up, and he will puppy bite. We are working on these behaviors, and he is trying very hard to please us.

Playtime for Ollie includes balls, tugs, Kongs, bouncing, and zoomies. So, so much puppy play! Ollie is not destructive in the house. He is a laugh riot and a handful at the same time.

Ollie is a gorgeous bench-bred Springer who will require grooming. His long, beautiful ears will grow quickly and need regular brushing. He is so handsome when he is groomed, although like most self-respecting dogs, he likes to find the nearest mud puddle right after his bath!

Expect to give Ollie daily exercise, both mental and physical, to keep him out of trouble. A tired Springer is a good Springer! He would benefit from an obedience class that uses positive training methods (no choke collars).

Ollie’s prospective Forever Family will be required to come here to his foster home in Arnold, Nebraska to meet him. If you would like more information on this little ball of love and energy, please submit an online Adoption Application and then contact us.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Julie and Clay Mohr, foster parents
Arnold, Nebraska

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