Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Female
Age: 11 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 58
Intake number: 2019-105 CA

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While all the dogs that ESRA assists are special, there are some who just touch the heart and soul of each person who is involved with them. Olive is one of those special dogs. Her story demonstrates what ESRA is all about: “Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome.”

RESCUE: Look at this beautiful girl! Just a few months ago, she came into foster care in deplorable condition. Olive was originally very well loved, and she lived indoors with her original owner until she was eventually rehomed. Although she still lived inside after her relocation, she was neglected by her new owner and her health was allowed to deteriorate to the point that she was extremely ill and emaciated when she came into our care.  After Olive was relinquished to ESRA, she was boarded at a local veterinary hospital where she was treated for skin inflamed by flea bites, hair loss, malnutrition, severe ear and eye infections, and dehydration. She was given soothing medicated baths and a dental procedure which included several extractions. She was brought up to date on her vaccinations and was spayed. The veterinary staff fell in love with Olive, and she was visited frequently by the volunteer who had rescued her.

REHABILITATE: After more than a week in veterinary care, Olive was flown down to her new foster home in southern California. In foster care, she continued to be treated for her skin condition and her lingering eye and ear infections. Now her hair has grown back nice and soft, her ear infections are almost completely cleared up, she has gained weight, and a recent blood panel shows that her levels are age appropriate. Her eye infection has cleared up. However, she will need to be treated for dry eye for the rest of her life. While Olive is feeling great and has a new spring to her step, she will continue to need special care in her new Forever Home.

After entering foster care, Olive’s true personality began to shine. She is a loving girl who enjoys being with her people. She lives happily with the resident dogs and cats. Olive enjoys exploring outside, and she uses the doggie door with no hesitation. Recently, Olive has discovered the pool, and she has surprised her foster parents with how much she enjoys doing laps – lots of laps! – before she tires out. Olive has gained eighteen much-needed pounds, and she bounces for joy at meal and treat times. She is a happy girl who is finally finding out what it is like to be loved and treasured.

Olive will need to continue on her current medications which include eye drops, ear flush, and thyroid medication. She is not happy having her ears and eye treated, which takes about fifteen minutes twice a day to administer and usually takes two people to handle. Olive will also need to have medicated baths every couple of weeks.

REHOME: The ideal new Forever Home for Olive will be a quiet one where she can hang out with her humans, go for gentle walks, and, ideally, swim in the family pool. Are you the perfect match for Olive, the family that can help her complete her journey through rescue? If so, please fill out an online Adoption Application and then contact her foster family at the email address below.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Bill and Gay Sterling, foster parents
San Jacinto, California

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