Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
  • Liver Tricolor
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 40
Intake number: 2019-182 IL

Miles is a very handsome boy who needs a new home. He is loved and is happy with the adults in his current family and is tolerant of their four-year-old child. However, with the addition of two more little people in his life, Miles’s mom and dad feel that it will be just too much of a challenge for him, so they have asked ESRA to find this sweet guy an appropriate and loving new home.

This boy is full of personality and fun! Miles loves to chase tennis balls, but he will only leave one if you have another ready to throw. He does like to lose his tennis balls under the furniture so he can hunt for them. He loves squeaky toys and keeps them “alive” for a while before he tears them to shreds. Always the sweet boy, he never touches his little girl's toys. Miles goes to doggie care two days a week so that he can play and socialize, and because he enjoys that so much, we know he would do well in a home with another dog.

This well-mannered boy is crate trained, and his crate is in his owners' master bedroom. Miles whimpers and cries at the windows when he sees a squirrel or a bunny, but he does not have a really high prey drive. He will enthusiastically go for a thirty-minute walk twice a day, but he is also happy to sit on the couch. He is content to put his head on your lap for a cuddle and a nap. Be aware that he does snore! He loves his people, but he is not clingy. Miles can be left alone with free rein of the house and is not destructive when his people are away. If you are not home, goofy Miles will pick up your shoes and move them around the house, but he will not chew them up.

Miles has excellent hearing and is especially tuned in to the sound of the peanut butter jar when it comes out of the pantry and the lid is opened. He will sit patiently and drool in anticipation of a dollop. When he is trying hard to be good he sits, wiggles, and moonwalks all at the same time. Sometimes it is just hard to contain yourself when you're a Springer! He is a typical wiggle butt. When folks come to the door, Miles greets them enthusiastically but settles down quickly. He will go out the front door, but he doesn't bolt and will come right back in.

Like many dogs, Miles doesn't like it when children provoke him, tease him, or get in his face. Therefore, he would be best in a family with children over nine or ten years old. Miles has to be reminded to leave things that he shouldn't have, but he will trade. He walks well on a leash, but he would love a fenced yard for exploration and enrichment. Miles has been to both agility and obedience classes. He is very smart and knows the following commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Bang (plays dead), Leave It, Go Potty, Car, Give, and Heel. He is neutered, housetrained, and microchipped. Miles would be an excellent companion who would do best with a moderately active family that has the time to spend playing and walking with him. A doggie companion would also be a plus for him.

If you think you can provide this delightful guy with the happy family life he deserves, please submit an online Adoption Application and then contact his coordinator by phone or email.


Contact Information
Contact Name: Anne Solak-Tennant, coordinator (708) 799-7039
Brownsville, Indiana

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