Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
  • Liver & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 39
Intake number: 2018-0413 FL

Maizie has Bette Davis eyes that look you over and lure you to give her a nice rub of those wonderful, soft ears. She is a petite darling, just looking for love and companionship. She weighs in at a dainty 39 pounds, is healthy and keeps her figure by staying active. Maizie loves to play catch and will zoom around the yard when she has a playmate.

Her original owner kept Maizie crated most of the time and was convinced to turn her over ESRA to find a better life for her. She gets along with other dogs and is quick to alert to visitors at the door. Maizie knows her basic commands. She does pull on the leash because being outside is exciting and there is so much to see. Riding in the car is a lot of fun for Maizie and when her foster drives the seven blocks to the office, she takes in all the smells through a cracked window and will bark a hello to the dogs in other cars.

Maizie is ready for a new Forever Home with active adults, children and even other dogs. She has seen cats at the vet’s office and is curious about them. With some care, she might do fine with cats.  She may be too exuberant for very small children but those 5 and up will enjoy her companionship. Mostly, she needs a home where somebody is home most of the time and willing to spend time with her. After burning off some energy, she loves to snuggle on the couch or bed and lay by your chair while you eat. (She doesn’t beg.)

When alone, her inquisitive nature will get her into trouble. Maizie is adept at counter cruising and also is able to jump on the kitchen counter and open the upper cabinets looking for snacks. She will need some obedience training in her new home to learn the house rules. Obedience classes using positive reinforcement also help strengthen the bond between newly adopted dogs and their new owners.

This high energy, liver and white Springer will thrive in a home with multiple people willing to give her the attention she has been lacking in the first part of her life. She will make a wonderful addition to a home with an existing pet and children looking for a new playmate.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Susan Zuker, State Coordinator
St. Petersburg, Florida

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