Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
  • Liver Tricolor
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 35
Intake number: 2019-0152 GA

Our little Southern belle Magnolia is a pretty tri-colored young Springer who has the makings of a wonderful dog! However, she is still very much a puppy who will need some additional training and patience to help her become the best girl possible.

Maggie is a sweet, playful and energetic Velcro Springer who can usually be found right next to her foster parents. Her favorite spot is in someone’s lap. She is initially timid in new situations and will bark at new people, then settles down and befriends them. She is crate trained (but has found her voice and may initially bark in protest) and calm in the house.

Outdoors, Magnolia loves to zip around a safely fenced yard, especially if her people or another playful dog will join in. Young pups like Magnolia need an outlet for their energy! For this reason, her requirements include a fenced yard and a friendly doggie playmate.

Maggie is mastering housetraining and does well as long as she is given regular potty breaks. She does some typical puppy stuff like pulling on leash, a bit of chewing, mouthy play and jumping up out of excitement. As with all puppies, a positive-reinforcement based training class will help Maggie bond with her new family and master the house rules. She also needs someone at home much of the time.

We do require Magnolia’s adopters to come to the Atlanta area to meet this little girl and drive her to her Forever Home. We will not transport her or send her on an airplane.

Please submit an Online Adoption Application. It is always the first step in our adoption process.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Cathy Scheffer, Case Manager
Atlanta, GA, USA, Georgia

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