Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 10 months
Color: Black & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 46
Intake number: 2018-353 MI

Meet Luc! This handsome young boy is very true to the Springer breed -- loving, playful, great with children, and eager to please his people. These are just a few of his numerous fine attributes. Luc is simply a wonderful dog! He was surrendered to ESRA because his previous owners could not properly care for him. Now we have the privilege of finding Luc the perfect Forever Home.

This darling pup has much to offer an active Forever Family. Luc loves to run in the fields and swim in the lake. He is quite attached to his humans, and he likes to be near them or at least within eyesight. An energetic fellow, Luc will need both physical and mental stimulation, as he is a busy boy. Daily exercise will be key for this youngster. Luc is a prime candidate for obedience classes, which would also provide an important bonding opportunity for him and his Forever Family.

While Luc is a lively lad, he also has a soft side, and he cherishes time spent on laps for cuddles and hugs from his beloved people. This snuggly guy craves affection and attention! He also exhibits a tendency toward separation anxiety, so his foster family is working on this issue with him. Luc would be best suited in a Forever Home where someone will be there with him most of the time.

Luc is also fond of canine companionship, and he gets along wonderfully with his foster siblings. He would prefer another dog to play with at his Forever Home. Luc would also appreciate a fenced yard where he and his furry family could frolic and explore safely together.

Since Luc lacked training early on, he is a work in progress for his dog-savvy foster family. Luc now knows the commands Sit, Down, and Off. However, his foster mom jokes that he will not obey them reliably just yet! She is pleased to say that Luc is learning to walk nicely on leash.

Luc is a typical youthful Springer who will thrive in a Forever Family devoted to providing him with leadership, discipline, guidance, exercise, and love. He is certain to be a wonderful addition to some fortunate, lively Forever Home. Is Luc your lucky missing link? If you think so, contact his foster mom right away.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Mary Karakas, foster mom
Ludington, Michigan

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