Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 32
Intake number: 2019-147 KS

Our lovely new lady, Koko (formerly known as Windy), is relishing her new life as a foster dog. This little girl, who is almost nine years young, loves to hike and walk with her foster family and is accustomed to walking a couple hours each day. She is an excellent companion who rides quietly and happily in the car. Koko has done well on leash and has good off-leash skills as well. She comes when she is called and frequently checks in with her foster mom on off-leash hikes.

Koko is what we fondly call a Velcro Springer. She happily accompanies her people about the home as she likes to be a part of what is happening with her family. She is house, doggy door and crate trained. A lovely princess such as Koko does not deign to participate in counter surfing, chewing, digging or excess barking. She is a lady, after all! That said, she likes to carry a slipper in her mouth every once in a while!

Our girl came to ESRA from a hunting lodge in the Midwest. She is a retired hunting dog who is ready to become a beloved family pet. She has now learned the joys of living indoors, with the freedom to roam the house with a comfy bed for rest. She was unsure of other dogs at first, but has become comfortable and companionable with the other dogs in her life. That said, she is a bit wary of especially large dogs, large men and unfamiliar objects (such as a dumpster). Hopefully these uncertainties will resolve as she becomes more secure in her new life.

Koko would love a Forever Family that is home more than they are away and wants a friend and loyal companion. She would be a great dog for an active retired family who is able to give her the attention that has been lacking in her life. She likes the fun of hanging with other dogs, but would be happy to settle in as an only dog at the end of the day. She has an affinity for visiting children and enjoys their attention.

Please let us know if you think you might be the right family for Koko!

Please submit an Online Adoption Application if you are interested in Koko. It is always the first step in our adoption process.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Pam Waidler
El Jebel, Colorado

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