Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 8.5 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 45
Intake number: 2019-185 KS

Hi! My name is Jackie. I'm a very loving Springer lady, and I’m looking for my Forever Home. I'm really affectionate and loyal to my people, and I'm always by their side. There's nothing else I'd rather do than to cuddle with my humans, and I make sure to sleep right by them in bed at night.

I love to go on short walks and get outside. I'm a huntress, so my favorite sport is to chase all the squirrels and bunnies I see on my walks.

I'm definitely an alpha girl, so I need to be the only dog in the house. I just don't like sharing my family with another dog. I do love cats, though. In fact, my current cat roommate is my BFF. I'm very shy at first, and I take a bit of time to warm up to strangers, but I’m fine after we get to know each other. I also guard my house, and I'm sure to bark if I hear something strange out in the garage. I want to take good care of my people!

I know all my commands, and I'm not destructive, so it’s fine if I’m left in the house during the day while my person is away. When he arrives home from work every evening, I love to greet him. I even try to talk to him when I get really excited.

I'm looking for a nice quiet home where I can be the "Mama Dog" and look after my Forever Family. If you need a loyal friend who will love you and watch out for you, please fill out an online Adoption Application and contact my case manager.



Contact Information
Contact Name: Ben Wright, case manager
Lincoln, Nebraska

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