Houghton (a.k.a. Moe)

Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
Color: Black & white
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 55
Intake number: 2018-405MI

This super sweet Springer mix is Houghton, also known as Moe. While we are not one-hundred-percent certain, it appears that this handsome guy has German shorthaired pointer in his lineage. What we do know for sure is that Moe is kind, loving, and as smart as a whip!

Moe was surrendered to ESRA because his previous owners could not provide the environment that he needs. Since he was living without other canine companionship, Moe displayed separation anxiety when he was left home alone. He does tend to be attached to his humans. Now, however, he is living harmoniously in a foster home with four Springers, and when his foster family leaves the house, Moe does just fine happily hanging out with the pack. He can be trusted and does not need to be crated, as he shows no inappropriate behavior. Therefore, we know that Moe will need a Forever Home with doggie siblings to keep him content and comfortable.

According to his foster family, Moe is an absolutely wonderful boy! He acclimated well to his foster siblings, and he loves to run and hunt with them. Moe likes to roughhouse with the youngest two resident Springers, but he also knows how to settle down in the house. A complete gentleman, Moe does not attempt to get on furniture at all, even though his foster brothers and sisters do so. This mannerly lad is content to sleep or lie on a dog bed on the floor.

Moe is thriving at his foster home, which is located on wooded acreage. As a mix of two hunting breeds, Moe adores daily off-leash hikes in the woods. This sporting fellow was born to hunt, and that truly is his passion! Because he is extremely smart, Moe understands what is expected of him, and he always comes back when he is called. He is very athletic, springing to attention when he sees a bird. Moe would make someone a great hunting dog. In fact, his foster family thinks that he may have been trained to hunt at some point in his past.

This intelligent boy knows the commands Sit, Down, Come, and No. On treks in the woods, if Moe is running ahead on a trail and his humans decide to turn a different way, all they do is call his name and point in the direction they plan to go, and Moe promptly heads toward that route!

Moe does not have a mean bone in his body toward people or other canines. His foster family says that they can do anything to him such as clean his ears, give him a bath, and dry off his feet after being outside. Moe even lets his foster mom get right into his adorable face and kiss him -- he does not mind a bit!

Slightly submissive with the other male canines, Moe will immediately walk away if they growl at him. He shows no signs of food aggression with his doggie siblings or with his humans. Moe respects the resident Springers at mealtimes, eating near them without trying to steal their food.

Moe is housetrained. He is a sound sleeper and a polite car rider. He is up to date on all vaccinations, and he has been neutered and microchipped. Like most Springers, Moe does have a lot of energy and will require daily exercise. Since he is fantastic off leash, Moe would really benefit from a Forever Home where he has the opportunity to run free and explore. He is simply a cheerful, prey-driven guy who wants to hunt, play, and be loved.

Moe is geared up to land at his Forever Home. Are you ready to chart the course for a sporting dog adventure with this beautiful black-and-white buddy? If Moe sounds like just the dog for you, contact his foster mom today. She is eager to tell you more about this special boy!

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Sally Korth, foster mom
Cheboygan, Michigan

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