Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 59
Intake number: 2017-308 WI

Gunner came to ESRA due to his owner passing away. At first, a family friend offered to take Gunner in. However, he proved to be too energetic for this new owner, so Gunner went to live with her daughter, who fosters for another rescue. The daughter had too many fosters, so she asked ESRA to assist.

When Gunner came into ESRA’s care, he had severe ear infections and needed some dental work. He had some teeth missing and had to have other teeth pulled due to infection. When Gunner is in pain, he needs to be muzzled for treatment. He also has environmental allergies which are managed with a special limited-ingredient dog food. For treats he gets vegetables such as carrots and broccoli, but nothing with chicken or chicken byproducts.

Gunner is a robust Springer, active and strong. He loves the water and enjoys wading in the kiddie pool. He is fairly good on the lead. He does some pulling until he settles in, but then he will walk at your pace. We think he may become an enjoyable jogging partner.

This big, handsome guy is good around adults. He would do best in a home with older children, as he might knock younger children down in his enthusiasm. Gunner would be fine with another dog in his Forever Home, one that has a more submissive personality, as Gunner is an alpha. Although he has not been tested with cats, he does have a high prey drive, so he would not do well with a cat in the household. When Gunner is at the dog park, he does his own thing and ignores the other dogs after an initial sniff and greet. He stays close to his people when he is out in the yard, but he does bark to warn off other dogs and people walking by. Therefore, a fenced yard is recommended.

Gunner is smart! He knows the commands No, Down, Stay, Leave It, Ball, Treat, Outside, Back, Off, Come Back, Get Back, Baby, and Ball. He is working on Sit. Gunner is treat motivated, and he needs an experienced owner with a gentle, firm voice who will use solid leadership skills to show Gunner what is expected.

Although Gunner is crate trained, he does not like having the door closed. The crate is only used for transport if it is absolutely necessary. He does not enjoy car rides, and he tends to howl and bark. Gunner is housetrained, and he can be left at home alone without doing any damage. However, his foster family has learned to keep the bathroom doors closed, as Gunner has been known to eat tissues or climb into the bathtub if given the chance!

As a dominant dog, Gunner can be protective of his people and his home turf. He is being trained to sit for meal prep and before going out the door. Gunner loves to play catch, but getting him to drop the ball is still a work in progress. He enjoys being brushed, and he becomes playful when he has had enough brushing.

Gunner would do best in an environment where someone will be at home most of the time. He is a good companion who needs to be loved and praised. Gunner will thrive with adopters who can provide him with affection, consistent leadership, and guidance in order to help him be the best dog he can be.

Please submit an online Adoption Application. It is always the first step in our adoption process.

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 402322-DS

Contact Information
Contact Name: Pam DeVore
Madison, Wisconsin

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