Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 35
Intake number: 2019-108 OH

Hi, there! My name is Gracie, and boy, was I ever grateful to become an ESRA dog. I came into rescue after getting lost, being found and returned home by a good Samaritan, and then being surrendered by my owner after I had come back. I’m not saying much about my previous life, but my amazing foster mom suspects that I was not given much attention or treated very nicely by people. She also thinks I may have been bullied by other dogs. I am living with two nice dogs now in my foster home, and I tolerate them okay. But I would probably let down my guard and blossom most fully as an only dog. I sometimes bark at the cat here, but I don’t chase her.

I was already spayed when I came to ESRA, but I was behind on my vaccinations, and my skin needed some major TLC. I had some allergies that were left untreated, so my skin got infected and I lost some of my fur. Since I've been in foster care, I have been on antibiotics and steroids, I have been getting medicated baths, and I have been eating good food. Now my skin is much better, and we’ll just have to wait for my fur to grow back in some places. However, my Forever Family will need to be committed to keeping an eye on potential allergies, and they must be able to cover the financial costs of treating any. My tests for heartworm and tick-borne diseases came back all clear, and I’ve been microchipped.

I don’t want to boast, but my foster mom says that I have some good manners. I know the commands Sit, Come, and Down. I am housetrained and crate trained, and now the only time I spend in my crate is when I’m sleeping. Mom can trust me with the run of the house while she’s at work during the day.

I love going out for walks, but I could definitely use some leash work. And because of my past, I can be reactive to other dogs when we're out walking, although I can be redirected easily. I get excited to meet people on my walks. I just love people! I can be quite vocal when I get excited. Mom says I sound very sweet! It's not really a bark but is more like howling. I’m not very big or tall, but I have been known to sneak food off the counter or table if I'm alone and have the opportunity. (I don’t like veggies, though!)

If you’re looking for a petite beauty, I’m your girl. I’m excited to move on to the next – and BEST – part of my life!

Springer kisses,

From Gracie’s foster mom: This girl is a pleasure to have around! Gracie likes to be where the people are. On the other hand, she also seems to enjoy just lounging in the sun by herself. She craves attention and will certainly let you know it! She is persistent and will nudge you until you pet her. I do think that Gracie would be able to really thrive as an only dog, but if necessary, she can tolerate other non-dominant canines. She has it in her to play with other dogs as well as with toys. She's tried to play with my girl, Bella, and I've also caught her playing alone with a ball.

When she first came here, Gracie was quite aggressive with my dogs and was constantly on guard. She still growls if she feels uncomfortable. But more and more now, she just puts herself in a corner facing the wall or turns away and refuses eye contact if she feels threatened. She loves any person she meets, and she gets so excited. If other dogs are not around, I am sure that she will be good with older kids.

If you are ready to give this affectionate little lady all the love and care she needs and deserves, please fill out an online Adoption Application and then contact her case manager. You'll be glad you did!

Contact Information
Contact Name: Angela Mesarchik, case manager
Cincinnati, Ohio

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