Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 50
Intake number: 2018-403 OR

Hello – my name is Dixie! I came to ESRA from a shelter, and they don’t know a lot about my prior life. I am a really sweet love bug with all the right stuff to be someone’s Forever Family dog. I know many commands: Sit, Stay, Wait, No, Down, Come, Off, and even Shake. I love to go for long walks to stay in shape, and I also like hanging out in the backyard to keep it free of lizards and any other critters that try to sneak in. The backyard is also a great place for a short sun nap. We meet lots of people and other dogs on our walks, and I like to stop for a short visit and some head rubs, but at home I like being the only dog in the house.
I am very well mannered. I sleep in my crate at night, and I sometimes hang out there when my people are in the room. I spend my inside time lying on my rugs in the living room, and I stay off the furniture (mostly). When I first got here, I tried to claim a spot on the couch, but I quickly heard the word “Off,” and I know what that means. So I’m happy to be on my rugs.

I have a very soft coat (Foster Mom calls it fur), and I like getting it brushed. I am really compliant for baths and haircuts and even when getting my teeth brushed. I had some issues with my teeth when I got here, so I had to have a few removed. I know now how important teeth brushing is, and I’m good about getting them brushed.

In addition to me being the only dog in the house, it would be great if there could be someone at home with me most of the time. I like kids, but I haven’t been around any babies or toddlers yet. I don’t like being alone; I have separation anxiety and I get anxious when everyone leaves. I've heard that working with a trainer may help me with that. Also, I bark very rarely. I mostly just like being quiet. I’m curious about shadows and light reflections on the walls, floors, or furniture (and even ceilings), and I sometimes entertain myself by watching and chasing them. Right before bedtime, at last potty call, Foster Dad takes a flashlight and shines it on the back lawn to show me where my spot is. It keeps me focused on the job at hand without getting distracted by critters.

I’ll let my foster folks say a few things about me now. I just wanted you to know that I’m a really good, sweet, loveable dog who needs a really great Forever Family that I can be a part of. I’ve got a lot of love to give.


From Dixie’s foster parents: We picked Dixie up and started our time with her on a car ride. She loves to ride in the car almost as much as she likes to go for her walks. She gets excited when her leash comes out because it means we’re going somewhere!

Dixie is able to walk three to five miles a day without hesitation or complaint. She walks well on a leash without pulling, and she constantly watches the bushes, lawns, and rocks for critters. She likes to stop and explore occasionally, but she will keep moving if we are not ready to stop. She is very compliant and eager to please, so she will follow our lead and only stop to visit other dogs or walkers if we give her permission. When we got her, Dixie had some worn teeth and a few broken ones in need of repair, as well as a small growth on her body. ESRA has taken care of those issues. Two teeth were extracted. The mass was removed and tested, and she has a clean bill of health. She is spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on all vaccinations.

We have had Dixie for about a month, and she has been a love and a joy to be with. She has a very soft mouth when taking treats, and she is very patient at meal time. She is willing to “Wait” in a sitting position until released with an “OK” after the food bowl is in front of her. She easily goes to her crate at bedtime and sleeps quietly all night. She was with us for at least two weeks before we heard her bark the first time, and she doesn’t bark at many things. She loves to lie in her crate and listen to her foster dad play his guitar lessons. As he says, "At least someone likes my noise!"

The ideal home for this pretty girl would be one where someone is around most of the time. Dixie suffers from separation anxiety, so she would greatly benefit from working with a trainer to overcome this. It will take time and perseverance by her new family to help Dixie overcome her fear of being alone. Because we do not know much about her past, we do not know if she was abandoned more than once or what the root cause of the separation anxiety is. We do have some vet-prescribed medication to help ease her anxiety as well.

Dixie makes us smile several times a day. Her sweet personality will warm your heart and make you smile, too!

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Jaymie Canales, case manager
Lincoln, California

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