Copper and Penny

Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male & Female
Age: 9 years; 9 years
  • Black/white & Liver/white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 90; 70
Intake number: 2019-003 OH; 2019-004 OH

Read about the special connection shared by a bonded pair.

Hello there! Are you looking for double the fun? Double the love? If so, then please continue reading about us. You won’t be disappointed!

We’re Copper and Penny, a bonded brother and sister that came to ESRA in January after our dad passed away. We’ve never been apart, and ESRA wants to make sure that we stay together. We’re a package deal: we sleep together, eat from the same bowl, follow each other around, and just enjoy each other’s company. In fact, at this point in our lives, we kind of need to be together. We don’t like to be separated even for very short periods of time.

So let’s get down to business and give you the basics about us. Even though we’re a bonded pair and we love each other very much, we have tons of extra love and sweetness to share with people. We are good companions. We ride pretty well in the car, we are housetrained, and we do not need to be crated when we’re left on our own. We are used to having someone around a lot of the time, so we may cry when we are left alone, but we don’t destroy things. We are okay when we meet other dogs, but we’re not really sure about sharing our space with other canines. We are untested with cats. ESRA thinks that we have not lived with kids, but we are used to them visiting.

We were already neutered and spayed when we came to ESRA. And since then we have been brought up to date on vaccines, have tested negative for heartworm and tick-borne diseases, and have been microchipped. We are now on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventives. Miss Penny was initially treated for a urinary tract infection and an ear infection, but those are all cleared up now. Once we got settled in our foster home, we had a spa day, and we were good about letting the groomer bathe us, trim our nails, and cut our fur.

You may have noticed our weights listed on this page. Yikes! Yes, we are both overweight. We got too much food and not enough exercise in our previous home. Now our ESRA foster family measures and counts everything that we eat. As to exercise, for now, we like roaming around the backyard. We don’t have much stamina at this point, but our goal is to go for daily walks that will help melt away the pounds and build up some muscle. Since we each have more than just a few pounds to lose — Copper should weigh closer to 60 pounds and Penny should be closer to 50 pounds — our adoptive family must be committed to continuing our weight-loss program.

Some people say that Springers are like potato chips: you can’t have just one. And why should you when you can have both of us? We will give you two times the wiggle butt and twice the love!


Copper and Penny

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Contact Name: Angela Mesarchik, case manager
Cleveland, Ohio

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