Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 90
Intake number: 2019-195 NE

Colt is a big, beautiful boy who has recently experienced the trauma of his owner’s passing. He is settling into his foster home, but he really needs a Forever Home where someone can be with him most of the time so he will know that he is safe and loved.

His foster mom says that Colt is one of the smartest dogs she has ever known. Although he can be stubborn when it serves his purpose, he wants very much to make his people happy. He loves his foster mom and rarely leaves her side. Colt lives with other dogs in his foster home, and he is very gentle and patient with an older Australian shepherd in the household, to the extent that he lets her get quite close to him to share food and treats. However, when another dog attempts to claim time and space near his foster mama, this has provoked some jealous reactions by Colt. Therefore, he might do best as the only dog in his new home.

Colt knows how to fetch his blanket, and he enjoys spending time with his people. He does like to make himself at home on the sofa, but he gets down when he is told to. He barks at the neighbor dogs through the fence, but he does it in a friendly, playful way. Colt needs to work on his commands and to practice walking on the leash, but he is so smart that he should pick up these skills quickly with some consistent practice and guidance from his new family.

This handsome fellow is a good boy, but he does have a tremendous amount of energy, so he needs lots of opportunities to run and play. Colt really enjoys being outside chasing birds, digging for moles, or playing in the water, as you can see in this video.

Do you have a place in your heart and your home for this big, furry bundle of love? If so, please submit an online Adoption Application, and then contact his case manager at the email address below.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Benjamin Wright
Lincoln, Nebraska

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