Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
  • Black & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 44
Intake number: 2019-0117 GA

Pretty Chloe is a bouncy, joyful little gal. When she’s super happy, she gives you one of her petite paws, gives lots of kisses, and mouths at your hands gently. If you don’t like kisses, Chloe is not the dog for you! She loves to cuddle and is so affectionate.

She would love to snuggle on the couch, but also likes comfy dog beds. She does not jump on people or get into any trouble in the house. She doesn’t miss a thing in the kitchen, or anywhere for that matter. She’ll be your shadow and cock her head with animation when you talk to her. Chloe’s perfectly housetrained. She sleeps quietly through the night on a dog bed.

Chloe likes her food and does not want to share anything with young children. Kids make her nervous, so she should not be exposed to children in her new home. Chloe has eyes only for her humans and would thrive best as an only dog. She is a little grumpy upon meeting other dogs, but after initial proper greetings, she ignores them. She is co-existing with two male Springers in foster care, but she is the reigning queen of the pack. This is not a dog park girl. Chloe much prefers to devote herself to human interactions. She also should not be placed with cats.

She is a busy girl with the activity level of a young Springer. Chloe will briefly nap wherever you are in the house during the day, but is always ready for fun to happen. She LOVES to go for walks and has been getting three walks a day off-leash, plus yard play time. Her golf-disc is her favorite thing in the world. When it is rolled on the ground, she zooms off after it and then prances around, making it difficult to get it back, with her tail wagging happily. She loves a variety of dog toys and will bring her beloved favorites when adopted.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Kathy Patterson, Coordinator
Mebane, North Carolina

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