Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
  • Mixed breed coat
Variety: Mixed breed
Weight in pounds: 45
Intake number: 2018-0210 GA

Chip is a playful, curious and energetic young dog, up for almost any activity. He especially loves playing in the yard with his doggie friends and going for rides in the car. In fact, he’ll jump right in any open car door in search of adventure!

Chip is housetrained and knows “Sit” and “Off.” His leash walking skills earn him a grade of “C.” This eager boy just needs more practice; it’s hard for him to contain his enthusiasm when there’s a great big world to explore. Because of his interest in checking out his surroundings, he does need to be kept on his leash or in a safely fenced yard at all times.

He gets along fine with dogs and cats but would likely be even happier as the only pet in his Forever Home, with no need to share the human attention.

You might notice that Chip does not look like the typical Springer. He kind of resembles an overgrown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but is Springer-sized. His coloring is more Welsh Springer Spaniel than English Springer Spaniel. We can’t be sure of his exact pedigree without a DNA test, but he is definitely all Spaniel and very handsome!

Contact Information
Contact Name: Cathy Scheffer, Case Manager

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