Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
  • Liver & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 40
Intake number: 2018-0321-FL

Charlie is a young, lovable, Velcro Springer. He is active and loves to chase lizards, but he also a great snuggler. He loves long walks and like most Springers, he loves getting lots of human attention. He walks well on the leash, comes when he's called and loves to play fetch, always bringing the ball back!

He isn't perfect though. He needs some work on keeping four paws on the floor, instead of jumping up on people and countersurfing. He is timid and shy at first but will warm up. He would benefit greatly from obedience classes and this is a requirement for his new owner.

Charlie does fine with all people but he is not so great living with other dogs, so he'll need a home where he is the one and only. His foster mom thinks he'd thrive in a quiet, calm home with a predictable routine.

Charlie will be the ultimate companion for someone who has enough time and attention to give him! He is a lover and likes to snuggle right up next to you. He loves to walk and play ball. He likes to sit with you on the couch and sleep in bed.

If Charlie sounds like a good fit, please get in touch.

Please submit an Online Adoption Application. It is always the first step in our adoption process.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Susan Zuker, State Coordinator
New Port Richey, Florida

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