Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Age: 2
  • Liver & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 53
Intake number: 2019-0055 GA

Charlie is a sweet Velcro Springer Spaniel with adorable freckles on his nose. He gets along well with other dogs, including his foster sister. He is untested with cats, but seems to have a prey drive so he may need a feline-free household. Charlie adores meeting new people, whether he sees them on his walks in the neighborhood or when they come to the house.

Charlie loves his daily walks and is working on losing a few pounds. He is open to new experiences, like dipping his paws into water. He likes to investigate new sounds and smells in the backyard so he does need a fenced yard. We are also looking for an active Forever Family who will continue to help him get in tip top shape.

Inside the house, Charlie is very well-behaved gentleman. His only bad habit is that he barks and howls loudly when he hears a sound or sees someone outside. His excitement can be handled by distracting him with toys or play.

Charlie was given up because there was a new baby on the way and his family felt that they did not have enough time for him. He is looking for an owner who will give him the attention he craves by playing ball with him and then settling down to cuddle afterwards. He is a people pleaser that will put his head on your lap and stare at you adoringly until you give him a scratch behind the ears or on his lower back. Won’t you cuddle with Charlie?

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Cathy Scheffer, Case Manager
Atlanta, GA, USA, Georgia

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