Bruno and Moose

Dog Info
Status: Available
Gender: Male & Male
Age: 2 years; 1 year
  • Liver & white
Variety: Field
Weight in pounds: 50; 33
Intake number: 2019-235 CA; 2019-322 CA

Read about the special connection shared by a bonded pair.

Once again, Southern California is proud to introduce a bonded pair. Please meet Bruno and Moose! Both boys were rescued from less than desirable situations and they ended up at the same foster home. Unexpectedly, they have now bonded to the extent that we do not want to split them up into separate homes. These boys do everything together and are rarely far from each other.

Bruno is a very strong two-year-old fieldie. He is also the biggest snuggle bug sweetheart ever, and he thinks that he is a lap dog! He loves his humans’ attention and also loves the attention of all the other dogs in his foster home. This is especially true of little Moose, who has quickly become his best friend. Bruno loves to jump on the trampoline in his foster home, either with the kids or all by himself! He enjoys trips to the doggie beach where he will splash in the waves and run like the wind chasing the birds. Bruno knows the commands Sit and Down. However, his leash skills are nonexistent, and he pulls hard when being walked. Because Bruno is such a strong boy, we highly recommend that he attend at least one obedience class with his new family. This will not only let Bruno know what is expected of him, but it will also increase his bonding with his people. He adores car rides, and he will want to go everywhere you go. Bruno loves to play with toys, and he is especially fond of hard chew bones. He is fully housetrained and uses the doggie door like a champ.

Moose is a very active one-year-old. He is a funny little guy, full of personality. He makes his foster mom smile every time she sees him! He loves to snuggle, making cute little sounds as he’s getting comfortable. Moose is very loving and incredibly smart. He is housetrained, uses the doggie door reliably, and knows the commands Sit and Down. With at least one obedience class and appropriate structure in his new home, he will be a great family dog. Moose gets along with all the resident dogs, but he especially loves his best friend, Bruno. He enjoys licking Bruno’s face, playing rough and tumble games with him, and taking brief naps together. Moose is crate trained and will sleep in his crate if he is told to. However, he is just as happy sleeping on a dog bed or human bed! Because he is still a puppy, Moose likes to chew, chew, chew. His new family will need to keep harmful items out of his reach and provide him with lots of hard chew toys. Moose can be a bit on the timid side if he is taken on a walk or car ride without another dog present. Socialization in an obedience class, along with consistency and guidance in his new home, will help make him feel secure on his own.

Both Bruno and Moose are happy, healthy boys who are up to date on their vaccinations and are neutered. They have tested negative for heartworms and are microchipped for safety.

The perfect Forever Home for this delightful pair will be one with a large, securely fenced backyard for playtime. They both love the children in their foster home, so kids over the age of eight would be an added bonus for them. Bruno and Moose will do best with a Springer-savvy family who would be willing to do whatever it takes to give them the best possible environment and leadership. Obedience training, follow-through, and lots of attention and exercise are essential for their well-being and happiness. Are you willing to make this commitment and give Bruno and Moose a place in your heart and your family? If so, please fill out an online Adoption Application and then contact their case manager at the email address below.

Please note that an approved adoption application is the first step in a more thorough interview process that is designed to match each dog to exactly the right family, and that the final decision rests with the dog's case manager.


Contact Information
Contact Name: Cindy Pierson, case manager
North Tustin, California

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