Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 months
  • Black Tricolor
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 41
Intake number: 2019-097 MI

This irresistibly adorable, uniquely tricolored boy is Bert! He is a spirited young Springer who is brimming with sweetness and bounding with joy. Bert was surrendered to ESRA because his former owners were not able to provide the mental, physical, and social stimulation that this youngster needs to blossom. With the help of his devoted foster family, Bert is now blooming and reaching toward his full potential.

Housetrained, neutered, and current on vaccinations and preventatives, this Velcro fellow can be found on the heels of his foster mom throughout the day. Following her around and plopping where she stops is second nature for Bert. His foster mom fondly calls him a super snuggler. She says that he loves to give kisses and that his favorite pose is on his back, belly up.

When he is indoors, Bert is fairly low key for a puppy, and he can be found lying nicely next to his foster family when they are watching television. But Bert also enjoys the more active company of the two resident Springers. When outdoor playtime commences, this pup excitedly declares Game On! With an extreme zest for chasing and wrestling, Bert is a mouthy, vocal match for his less assertive foster siblings. They are often overwhelmed with Bert’s youthful enthusiasm, so his foster mom must call a polite but firm time out.

Due to his lack of previous socialization, Bert has not yet learned to pick up on cues from his peers to back off. While this frenetic puppy behavior is to be expected, Bert would thrive in a Forever Home as an only dog, basking in undivided attention, guidance, and direction from his beloved people. Bert completely adores his humans, and he would surely prefer to sleep with them at night, rather than in his crate!

When his foster family is away from home and also when he needs separation from the resident Springers, Bert is crated. While he is not a huge fan of this kennel, he does tolerate spending time there. Because he has had no past exposure to children, this little lad is curious about the kids he encounters on neighborhood walks. Bert is also interested in potential prey he spots on these jaunts, as well as in the yard or the nearby woods. Ducks, geese, and squirrels are high on his list of amazing distractions. He absolutely does not like cats, so he would not be a good fit in a Forever Home with a feline.

Bert knows the command Sit and is diligently working on Stay, Come, and Off. This handsome boy is very treat motivated, but he also needs firm leadership, as he tries to assert dominance and has not yet learned to share. He would definitely benefit from puppy obedience classes with his Forever Family. Smart and eager to please, Bert has developed a special bond with his foster dad, who thinks that Bert would also be an ideal candidate for agility training.

Without any prior leash-walking experience, Bert is now working on proper lead behavior with the help of a special harness and a lot of patience from his foster family. He can be timid on walks, preferring to stay behind his humans — unless, of course, he spots some critters! Car rides are new for this youngster as well, and Bert is nervous, whiny, and unsettled during such outings. He did arrive at his foster home with superb begging and counter surfing skills, and while this charming boy has learned not to beg, halting the surfing behavior remains a work in progress.

Bert’s foster mom applauds the advances and improvements that her promising little guy has already accomplished in her family’s care. He has successfully corrected some of his problematic behaviors. She and his foster dad agree that Bert is an intelligent, beautiful boy with tremendous potential. This Springer pup needs a dog-savvy Forever Family who is devoted to providing the commitment and dedication that he yearns for and greatly deserves. Bert is looking for love, action, adventure, and pleasure. If you are seeking a dynamic doggie relationship complete with rewarding canine kisses along with fun, furry companionship, contact our state coordinator today!

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Kim Marvin, Michigan coordinator
Canton, Michigan

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