Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
  • Liver & white
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 50
Intake number: 2019-224 NE

From Beau’s foster mom: This boy’s name is from the French word beau, meaning “pretty,” “a dandy,” or “handsome.” Well, if there ever was a dog that fit his name, it is Mr. Beau. He considers himself quite the dandy, and everyone else agrees that he is quite handsome (but please don’t call him pretty, because he is a very proud boy!).

Beau is big, playful, and loving. He wants to be top dog in the house, but we remind him that he must share. He grumbles, but then he goes on to other adventures. He adores his dog bed and also loves to snuggle with us on the couch or in our laps. He shows his affection with big, sloppy kisses.

This good-looking guy is housetrained and invisible-fence trained. He follows basic commands, rides well in the car, walks nicely on the leash, and when he is off leash he will come when called. He loves to play fetch and adores toys. And he talks when he wants our attention!

Mr. Beau had not been to a groomer for quite some time before coming into rescue. His ears were long and matted like felt. They did not swing freely from his head. His little tail was bound to his bottom by mats. So off to the groomer we went. He did very well in the bath, but he was scared to death by the grooming table and the clippers. He required a little medication to calm him down while being groomed. When we realized just how deep his tangles were, it was quite understandable how painful the grooming process must have been for him. Just lifting up his ears caused him immense pain. Now that he is all slicked up, however, he proudly prances about, and we are able to give him the body rubs a Springer lives for.

This amiable fellow likes all people, most dogs, and cats, too! We do recommend, though, that Beau not live with small children because he is quite touchy on his left ear. That ear was severely infected and painful, and he would tell us in no uncertain terms to leave it alone. The ear is now cleaned up and is healing, but Beau remembers the pain and still reacts if we lift it. (We can pet it and rub it.) We hope that, over time, he will forget the pain and enjoy more ear rubs.

Beau would love to be part of a family that enjoys being outside for some adventures during the day and then in the evening retires to a snuggly indoor life. He will need daily exercise and a home familiar with Springer ears. Beau is smart and will excel in activities that include his owner in the training process. This special guy is looking for adopters who will give him the love and care he deserves and to whom he can be devoted forever. If you think this dandy is the one for you, please fill out an online Adoption Application and then contact us for more information.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Julie and Clay Mohr, foster parents
Arnold, Nebraska

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