Dog Info
Status: ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 11 years
  • Liver Tricolor
Variety: Bench/show
Weight in pounds: 50
Intake number: 2018-375IL

Baxter was loved and well taken care of his entire life until his human mom passed away Springers for Seniors two years ago. Then his entire world changed. His dad found it necessary to move, and Baxter's living conditions deteriorated. He shared a shed with his littermate Rosa Mae and his doggie mom, Maggie Mae. Unfortunately, their dad thought that no one would ever want his "old dogs," and he was contemplating a very hard decision. Luckily, a family member contacted ESRA/ Illinois and we came to the rescue just in time. The dogs were immediately taken to the vet where the priority was to shave them down to remove the mats. They were given two baths each to get rid of the fleas. Through all this, Baxter and his sister and mom were extremely sweet and gave the vet tech lots of kisses to show how grateful they were.

Basic vetting, complete blood panels, and screening for parasites and heartworms showed that Baxter is in good physical condition. His eyesight is appropriate for his age, but he does have some diminished hearing. He required a dental cleaning with some extractions, and several benign growths around his eyes and neck were removed. He had infected ears, which have cleared up beautifully with treatment. Because Baxter was so well taken care of for most of his life, he is now doing exceptionally well.

Baxter was with his mom and his sister all his life, but they tended to boss him around. Therefore, the decision was made to keep Maggie and Rosa together. They went to a foster home in California, and Baxter went to a foster home in Ohio. Baxter's foster mom has discovered that he thinks his name is "Maggie-Mae-Rosa-Mae-Baxter." That is a mouthful, but he responds to that name! Of course it makes sense because he was always with the other dogs.

Baxter is one of the sweetest, most adorable Springers imaginable. He is incredibly gentle and very friendly. He gets along with other dogs well. He loves people and wants little more than to have a loving human to curl up next to. He is housetrained and has excellent house manners and an extremely sweet disposition. Baxter sleeps in a crate in his foster mom's bedroom. He does need lots of reassurance, and he doesn't like to be alone. However, his family is working on teaching him that they will always be back.

This handsome boy likes to go for walks and is very easy on the leash, except when he sees a squirrel. His foster family is working on building up Baxter's stamina to go for longer and longer walks. He likes to explore the yard a bit, but he prefers being in the house. He has the lower energy level typical of dogs his age. He would be perfect for a retired person or couple who is looking for the most delightful possible companionship. In the house, Baxter likes to be with his people. He is not too interested in toys or playing, but he enjoys snoozing or watching whatever his family may be doing. All is good in his world as long as he is near his people!

Baxter has a winning personality because he loves all humans and wants lots of attention, petting, and belly rubs. He is always willing to give you Springer kisses. He gets along with the resident male Pomeranian, as you can see in this video, and he enjoys doggie day care. Baxter also makes an excellent traveling companion. He is always up for a road trip or short errands. You don't have to ask him twice if he wants to go in the car!

We are hoping to give everyone in this little family a happy ending. Maggie Mae and Rosa Mae are in Orange, California, waiting to meet their new Forever Family. And Baxter is in Ohio waiting for the perfect adopters who will give him the time and attention he deserves. If you think this sweet boy would be the ideal companion for you, please contact his coordinator, Anne Solak-Tennant.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Anne Solak-Tennant, Illinois and Northern Indiana coordinator 708-799-7039
Dayton, Ohio

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