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    ESRA State Coordinators

    AKBarb Doolin503-784-0889[email protected]
    ALSusan Zuker727-580 9685[email protected]
    Sue Schroer770-965-8351[email protected]
    ARSue Schroer770-965-8351[email protected]
    Adoptions: Cathy Scheffer404-630-2270[email protected]
    AZLinnea Maxwell480-688-7799[email protected]
    Lynda Schulman602-432-1311[email protected]
    CANorthern CA: Jaymie Canales909-758-6439[email protected]
    All CA: Cindy Pierson951-315-9342[email protected]
    All CA Owner Assistance: Myrna Riesz707-338-1804[email protected]
    COPam Waidler720-308-3033[email protected]
    FLSusan Zuker727-580 9685[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Trouchen Oran941-720-3184[email protected]
    GASue Schroer770-965-8351[email protected]
    Adoptions: Cathy Scheffer404-630-2270[email protected]
    HILinnea Maxwell480-688-7799[email protected]
    IAEllie Miller Starks507-271-8107[email protected]
    IDBarb Doolin503-784-0889[email protected]
    ILAnne Solak-Tennant708-799-7039[email protected]
    INNorthern IN: Anne Solak-Tennant708-799-7039[email protected]
    Southern IN: Angie Mesarchik614-886-7939[email protected]
    Owner assistance: Linda Gibbons937-545-7252[email protected]
    KSAdoptions: Ben Wright402-525-2437[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Julie Mohr308-870-5258[email protected]
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    KYDarci Petercheff606-802-6419[email protected]
    LASue Schroer770-965-8351[email protected]
    Adoptions: Cathy Scheffer404-630-2270[email protected]
    MIKim Marvin248-709-7714[email protected]
    Stacy Bering734-787-1771[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Geri Via248-421-0797[email protected]
    MOAdoptions: Kim Marvin248-709-7714[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Laurie Schirger303-917-9891[email protected]
    MNEllie Miller Starks507-271-8107[email protected]
    MSSue Schroer770-965-8351[email protected]
    Adoptions: Cathy Scheffer404-630-2270[email protected]
    MTCindy Pierson951-315-9342[email protected]
    NCKathy Patterson336-514-0155[email protected]
    NDEllie Miller Starks507-271-8107[email protected]
    NEAdoptions: Ben Wright402-525-2437[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Julie Mohr308-870-5258[email protected]
    NMRonnie Riner505-350-7510[email protected]
    NVCindy Pierson951-315-9342[email protected]
    OHAngie Mesarchik614-886-7939[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Linda Gibbons937-545-7252[email protected]
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    OKBeth Maryan972-754-3468[email protected]
    ORBarb Doolin503-784-0889[email protected]
    SCKathy Patterson336-514-0155s[email protected]
    SDEllie Miller Starks507-271-8107[email protected]
    TNKathy Patterson336-514-0155[email protected]
    TXNorth TX: Beth Maryan972-754-3468[email protected]
    South TX: Sheri Cromwell713-252-3306[email protected]
    UTCori Parkinson801-550-3898[email protected]
    Applications: Ronnie Riner505-350-7510[email protected]
    WABarb Doolin503-784-0889[email protected]
    WIMarie Heinking715-845-8716[email protected]
    Owner Assistance: Julie Tishacek715-577-6025[email protected]
    WYKristi Wallin307-760-3898[email protected]
    Out of AreaAnne Mele480-584-5797[email protected]


    ESRA Officers

    PresidentSusan Zuker[email protected]
    Vice President - Pacific Region
    AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, OR, NV, WA
    Cindy Pierson[email protected]
    Vice President - Rocky Mountain Region
    CO, KS, NE, NM, OK, TX, UT, WY
    Amy Replogle[email protected]
    Vice President - Midwestern Region
    IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, ND, OH, SD, WI
    Kim Marvin[email protected]
    Vice President - Southeastern Region
    AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN
    Sue Schroer[email protected]
    Chief Financial OfficerWilliam (Mike) Robbins[email protected]
    TreasurerBarb Doolin[email protected]
    SecretaryShari Stanforth[email protected]
    Corresponding SecretaryBarb Doolin[email protected]
    Board MemberLinda Plate[email protected]
    Board MemberShari Stanforth[email protected]
    Board MemberNicole Bellemare[email protected]
    Board MemberRené Pizzo[email protected]
    Board MemberGabriella Filisko[email protected]
    Board MemberWill Mayer[email protected]
    Board MemberWilliam (Mike) Robbins[email protected]

    Committee Chairs


    General Information/CorrespondenceBarb Doolin[email protected]
    Adoption ApplicationsKathy Patterson[email protected]
    Audit CommitteeGabriella Filisko[email protected]
    Business PlanningMike Robbins[email protected]
    ESRA C.A.R.E.S. CommitteeLinda Plate[email protected]
    Foster Home ApplicationsCarolyn Molloy[email protected]
    Foster Home Excellence CommitteeRonnie Riner[email protected]
    Fundraising ChairpersonNicole Bellemare[email protected]
    Membership ChairpersonLinda Plate[email protected]
    Membership Team[email protected]
    Newsletter CommitteeGabriella Filisko[email protected]
    Nominations/Elections CommitteeShari Stanforth[email protected]
    Public Relations ContactKris Specht[email protected]
    Social Media CommitteeNicole Bellemare[email protected]
    Special Needs CoordinatorLinda Plate[email protected]
    Website Team & IT CoordinatorKathy Pattersonwebma[email protected]


    Photos (entire site)The Web Team[email protected]
    Pacific & Rocky Mt Available DogsMary Viehoefer[email protected]
    Midwest Available DogsBelle Sprague[email protected]
    Southeast Available DogsEmily Pike[email protected]
    Courtesy Listing of Shelter DogsKathy Raidt[email protected]
    Website Features & Online ProjectsThe Web Team[email protected]

    Out of Area

    We do accept adoption applications from out of ESRA's area if the applicant is willing to travel to adopt. We have an Out of Area coordinator that assists with adoption applications.

    If you have a dog to surrender, please contact your state's organization.

    PLEASE NOTE: These rescue organizations are NOT affiliated with ESRA. They are independent rescue groups and have their own adoption process.