From time to time, ESRA will become the guardian of a dog that is not a pure-bred Springer Spaniel. Though this may happen infrequently, a commitment is made, nevertheless, to offer this dog the same level of care that any Springer in our rescue would receive. A loving and nurturing environment is key to the placement of any dog in our care and to their ultimate well-being. Such is the case of our Spotlight feature dog – Lady.

Regardless of Lady’s breeding or pedigree, we offered our assistance to her in March of 2021. After one and a half years, we are still searching for a suitable adopter for our gentle giant. We understand that people looking to adopt a Springer Spaniel may not be as receptive to the possibility of adopting a mix, and particularly one that might be twice the size of an average Springer Spaniel. However, every dog deserves to find a loving family, and the purpose of this feature is to try and locate a very special family for our beautiful Lady, too.

This lovely girl, who hails from Texas, was found wandering the streets of Houston and dodging a very dangerous situation with a busy highway. ESRA was alerted to her and we were told that she appeared to be a Springer. In typical ESRA fashion, we sprang into action to try and help this girl and bring her into our care. Through the aid of another individual who was willing to help capture this stray girl, she was finally retained and brought to safety. She was in very poor condition and was also heartworm positive. Since ESRA had made the commitment to help her, we didn’t back down on that promise to her when we learned that she wasn’t a pure-bred Springer, but, in fact, most likely a mix that very closely resembles a Great Pyrenees. At first glance, Lady does have some Springer-like characteristics, but her extra-large frame (all 108 pounds!) clearly indicates that she certainly appears to be a mix of some sort.

For the past year and a half, Lady, now estimated at approximately 6 years of age, has spent her days recovering from the uncertainty of her previous life in two different ESRA foster homes. She was taken through heartworm treatment and has had ample time to adjust to each new environment she has been placed in and has proven to be able to adapt fairly well. She has shown an affectionate side by sharing her desire to be with her humans. Very similar to a Springer’s “Velcro” personality, Lady seems to fit that mold rather nicely. She has also lived with several different dogs while in foster care -- dogs of all different sizes from pint-sized to large, and she has done well with them after a few days of initial introductions and acclimation. While taking some time to warm up to new people and situations, once Lady learns that she can trust, she has shown her caregivers her loving nature and some of her quirks, too.

Lady enjoys a leisurely stroll and walks nicely on a leash. She is good in the car and is very tolerant of grooming and even allowed her foster to shave her recently. This was not a quick process, and she was a real trooper. She does enjoy being brushed, which is evident in the photos of her lovely coat.

As for the “quirks,” unfortunately, she does experience skin allergies and is prone to ear infections. She gets relief from any discomfort with an allergy shot every few (to several) months that her veterinarian administers. Certain things do seem to frighten her easily, especially if a hand is raised too quickly. She reacts as if she may have been stricken in the past by a human. Casting a fishing pole, if she is nearby, will send her running. Poor girl. She is also not fond of storms and thunder and will curl up next to you to be comforted if she is feeling uneasy. She is completely house trained and is very particular in her potty habits – never going anywhere close to her living space. She has chosen a special place in the back corner of her yard.

Characteristic of Lady’s suspected breed and herding instincts, she has shown to have a protective nature toward her foster family and the other members of the pack. She knows when to take charge to ensure that everyone is in their proper place. She is also quite affectionate with her foster mom and other dogs in her home. She can often be found kissing other four-legged members of her pack, and it is such a sweet sight to see. A creature of habit, she is most comfortable with structure in her life and appreciates a solid routine. Perhaps another indicator of her possible breed is her protective bark -- and it is a BIG one! She is also not overly fond of the intense Texas heat, but then again, this year has proven to be challenging to most of us who aren’t particularly thrilled with the scorching heat this summer has shown.

For those who may not know much about the Great Pyrenees breed, here is a little more information: “The Great Pyrenees is a calm, well-mannered, serious dog known for his great devotion to family, including well-behaved children. These dogs are generally trustworthy, affectionate and gentle, but if the need arises, they will not hesitate to try to protect their family and their territory. The Great Pyrenees was bred to be left alone and guard sheep in mountain valleys, so they are by nature relatively independent. This independence can make obedience training more of a challenge than is the case with other breeds. The same guarding roots also have left the Pyr with a strong instinct to bark.”

One of the endearing qualities about this beautiful girl is her cute, little (well, maybe not so little) tongue that seems to be just a bit too large for her mouth and is often found sticking out. We certainly think that she is just the cutest girl! Her foster says "She would make a wonderful, easy companion for a homebody looking for a friend to hang out with. She is very unassuming and not demanding at all but will periodically gently come put her big head under your hand just to check on you. Her intelligent, warm eyes lovingly take everything in all the time making sure everyone is happy and all is right with her world. She is definitely a guardian caretaker who is devoted to her people."

While Lady may not look much like many of the dogs on our web pages, she is certainly a kind and loving soul looking for a Forever Family to call her very own. Perhaps that could be with you?

If interested in learning more about Lady, you can read more about her on her regional listing at: Lady-TX or you can reach out to her case manager, Sheri Cromwell at