Riley - North Carolina- Adopted!!!

Our current spotlight is on a young boy named Riley! Three-year-old Riley is currently being fostered in Charlotte, NC, and his unique coloring, known as “sable tri-color” isn’t the only thing that is special about him. Please read below to learn more about Riley and whom we would consider to be his ideal adopter!

Handsome Riley found himself in need of ESRA’s help due to what we believe to be some insecurity in certain situations. 1) He does not appreciate the company of other canine companions, and 2) he can react to children inappropriately if he feels threatened in any way. For these reasons, we are searching for an adult-only family for Riley -- one who can love on him as their only pet.

Additionally, as many Springer Spaniels exhibit, Riley has a moderate prey drive. A characteristic of many sporting breeds, we do not consider this a negative trait, but it would require that Riley also not be placed in a home with felines or other small animals (birds, rabbits, Guinea pigs, etc.) for their own safety.

If you have gotten this far into Riley’s spotlight feature and may be thinking “this is the boy for me!”, we’d like to share even more about him.

Riley has a moderate to high energy level like many Springers his age. He loves being outdoors, exploring, chasing “critters,” running, playing and enjoying water! He will require a yard that is secured by a fence. While he does not jump on people, he can easily scale low profile gates or barriers. He requires regular exercise to keep him engaged and to help with a bit of nervous energy. He currently does well with one walk a day and multiple bouts of outdoor play throughout the day. While Riley is not particularly fond of other dogs, he will usually ignore other canine passers-by while on walks. He can get excited about the occasional bird or squirrel, though, and new people or loud noises tend to make him anxious, so he does need work on his leash manners to keep him from pulling when he encounters one of those triggers.

While indoors, Riley exhibits a slightly different personality. Shy and insecure at first when meeting new people, he tends to warm up to someone once he has had time to get used to that person and does not feel threatened. Initially, he may bark, pull away, or even retreat into “hiding” until he feels safe, but after a few hours with someone, his anxiety fades, and he has been known to become a typical “Velcro” Springer, following his people around and wanting to snuggle with them. Taking Riley on a walk is the fastest way to his heart!

Riley enjoys a calm, quiet environment, and loud noises startle him. This is the reason that an adult-only home would be in his best interest. Riley is also crate trained and completely housetrained. He knows some basic commands, does not guard food or toys and rides very well in a car. He has done well at the groomer, although he has shown some apprehension to having his ears handled. Riley does enjoy the game of “counter-surfing.” That is, if you leave food or items on the counter within his reach, he enjoys helping himself if given the opportunity. His foster family currently crates him during dinner preparation and their meal time, and this has eliminated the temptation for Riley to get into any mischief while they are eating or making a meal.

A young boy like Riley can really be a blank canvas! He is one that can be taught many things after reassuring him that he is safe, comfortable and in a stable environment with a regular routine. He’s a lovely boy who will make someone, or an active couple, a wonderful companion. Could that be you?

As with many of the dogs in ESRA’s foster program, the perfect adopter would ideally reside in the general region. However, other potential adopters will be considered on a case-by-case basis if they are willing to travel to meet Riley.