Finley - Georgia

ESRA has recently taken into its care the sweetest 12-year-old boy named Finley. Finley is quite a handsome lad who needs a little more help than some to find himself a very special Forever Home.

Currently being fostered near Athens, Georgia, Finley has found a foster family willing to care for him until he meets the person or family that is just right to help him flourish for the remainder of his years. This adorable boy was once a much-loved member of a family in a neighboring state. Unfortunately, a major change in this family’s structure led to a relocation that was not conducive to Finley living his very best life. So, with love in their hearts, the family made the painful decision to turn Finley over to a rescue that could help him thrive and live his golden years in peace and with proper care.

While Finley looks perfectly healthy, he does live with a few challenging conditions. First, he is diabetic. This condition began a little more than a year ago, and it is well-managed with two insulin shots given daily. As frequently occurs in dogs with diabetes, Finley has become blind since his diagnosis. He also has a condition known as dry eye, and he is hearing impaired.

One might want to feel sorry for Finley, but this resilient boy won’t have any of that! He enjoys many things, including short walks, lying quietly in the soft grass, and seeking out the attention of his humans. He is a real snuggler, and he will nudge or paw you for attention if he feels that he’s not getting quite enough. Additionally, he has quite an intense prey drive. This has manifested itself as a game of chase with the foster family’s resident cat, much to the cat’s chagrin. For this reason, we believe that Finley would do best in a cat-free home, possibly as an only pet. Because he loves being the center of attention, we believe this might make Finley happiest, although it is reported that he does get along fine with other dogs, as long as they are tolerant of occasionally being bumped into or tripped over.

Finley knew only one family until this recent upheaval in his life. He is just trying to figure out where he belongs and where his comfort zone is. He does exhibit a bit of anxiety in the form of pacing or walking in tight circles. This could diminish once he has settled in and feels secure in his surroundings. It could also be the early onset of a bit of cognitive dysfunction that many older dogs are faced with as they enter their golden years.

Finley is very well-behaved (if cats are not involved), eats with vigor, takes treats gently, receives his two insulin shots twice a day at equally spaced intervals without even flinching, and sits quietly while his foster mom administers eye drops to soothe his dry eyes. He is a gentle soul, and he soaks up any human attention that he can get. Finley does not startle easily, which is surprising for a dog who is blind and most likely deaf, too. He relies on his other senses and feels vibrations. After a couple of weeks in his new environment, he has adapted quite well to the lay of the land in his temporary home.

A dog like Finley needs a dedicated person or family to share their love and kindness with him for the remainder of his life. As an older gentleman, he may not have many years ahead of him, but the love that could be shared with him cannot be measured in days or years, but in memories. We are certain that the right person/family is out there just waiting to love this special boy, and we are eager to help him find his final Forever Family (whether as adopters or permanent fosters), who can be a part of making those very special memories with him.

Could Finley be a part of your life? Could you be the most important part of his? Loving a dog like Finley may come with a significant commitment to his care and well-being, but it can be equally matched with the very strong and special bond that comes with loving and caring for a dog with needs like Finley’s.

If you are interested in knowing more about Finley, please use our Contact Form on his listing here.