Elsie - Arizona

Our latest Springer Spotlight shines on a very special girl named Elsie! Elsie currently resides in Casa Grande, AZ, between Phoenix and Tucson and has been in ESRA’s care for the past few months. This sweet seasoned lady is 14 years of age and was relinquished into ESRA’s care by her former owner who found himself in a position to no longer be able to care for her. They must have had a very special bond, as Elsie was trained as a therapy dog to assist him. Not to be confused with the work of a service dog, a therapy dog provides comfort and companionship to an individual(s) and they typically are of very sound temperament, and Elsie certainly exhibits this type of personality.

While Elsie’s days of being playful and full of energy are behind her, this pretty girl truly enjoys the companionship of her people and does enjoy a daily walk of up to a mile each day - all at her own pace of course. Elsie doesn’t take much interest in playing with toys but enjoys ascending the sofa for some snuggle time with her human! She currently lives with a cat and a small dog breed, and shows little to no interest in either of them. At her age, she’s really not interested in play or confrontation. She just seeks the love and companionship of anyone that will spend time with her.

Elsie has had to face some obstacles in her lifetime and has overcome blindness, being hearing impaired and the typical maladies that many Springer in their golden years have to deal with. She has lost some weight in foster care and would benefit from the continuation of a good diet and exercise to keep her from gaining that weight back. She currently eats food for sensitive stomachs, and, like many Springers, has been known to get ear infections from time to time, so her new family will need to stay on top of that. She was also treated in foster care for a cyst on her back that became infected, and she benefited greatly from a dental cleaning.

While Elsie is anything but “speedy”, she is certainly agile enough to enjoy walks, following her human around, and getting up and off the furniture. Her foster mom does help her in and out of the car though, to ensure that she doesn’t overextend herself. Elsie benefits from a joint supplement, medication for mild anxiety, and pain medication from time to time if she has done a little too much during the day. She is not one to sleep the day away, and can often be found pacing around the inside of her home.

Loving a senior dog brings a joy that is incomparable to anything else! While Elsie may not have years to live with her adoptive family, the time that can be shared between her and whomever is lucky enough to call her their very own, will be special indeed. Could that special relationship be formed with you? We sure feel that Elsie deserves all the love that she can get!

Because of Elsie’s blindness and hearing impairment, ESRA’s caregivers want to ensure that she finds the perfect, loving, forever home. It will be required that any potential adopter will have to meet her in person before adopting. We also believe that the ideal forever home for Elsie would be in a quieter environment, perhaps with a retired person(s) or someone that is home most of the time and with not too much activity or children running about.

If you are interested in knowing more about Elsie or giving her an opportunity to live out the remainder of her life with love, kindness, and a very special bond, please use our Contact Form on her listing here.