Bonded Pairs

Adopting a bonded pair is not the answer for every home, but it's the perfect answer for many.

In some cases, a bonded pair is a parent with an offspring. Sometimes it is two littermates — puppies, teenagers, or even seniors. Occasionally the two dogs are simply long- or even short-term companions with no blood relation at all but with a well-established bond through their shared life experiences. These are dogs who, even though they may be otherwise well socialized, have come to depend upon each other as a survival technique. They seem to rely on one another for their social cues, for confidence building in new situations, and for stress relief from any uncomfortable predicament they may experience.

We’re not talking simply about any two dogs who have come into the ESRA program together, despite the fact that they may be connected by blood or previous family situation. Two such dogs may very well be placed in separate homes so that they may both become “the best dogs they can be.” One dog may thrive away from the shadow of the other, more dominant dog. In contrast, a truly bonded pair honestly has a visible cadence that seems to control their every move and their every response to their environment. They deserve to be kept together.

Why adopt a bonded pair?

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These special duos seem to provide unique rewards and benefits to those adopters who make them a part of their family:

  • First, there is the undeniable realization that you have brought not just one, but two dogs, baffled and confused by an unexpected turn in the world they previously knew, into a safe, secure, and loving home. What a feeling!
  • Second, the adjustment into their new environment is eased simply by the fact that these dogs still have each other. Security trumps fear in so many cases!
  • Third, having a built-in companion and playmate provides stimulation that reduces boredom, destructive behavior, and potential separation anxiety.

Recent Bonded Pairs

Heather & Dot

Pasadena, CA

These wonderful girls had their world turned upside down recently when their owner tragically passed away. They have always been together, and they are rarely far apart. However, this does not mean that they don’t love their humans! Once you sit down, you are sure to have these girls in your lap or snuggling next to you. Dot and Heather are looking for a Forever Home where they can be with each other and the people they love.

Ruby & Max

Dallas, TX

Ruby and Max are lifelong buddies. They are the perfect duo. They love to play, love to be with each other, love their humans – and they both love to run and chase squirrels! Both of these dogs are major lovebugs, looking for company and affection from their humans and one another. A fun pair to watch, they are sure to bring lots of love, happiness and loads of entertainment to their Forever Family. An active family that is home more than they are away is precisely what they are looking for – one with a fenced yard, engaging humans that are eager for companionship and lots of laughs!

Becker & MacDuff

Lansing, MI

Becker and MacDuff have endured a difficult transition, moving from their previous owner’s home to a boarding kennel and then to their wonderful foster home. Becker is blind, and MacDuff has some joint issues that sometimes bother him, but both boys are absolute love sponges who want nothing more than to be with their people, and each other. They have adjusted amazingly well, and we are so happy report that they have now found their perfect Forever Family!

Rue & Penelope

Jackson, MS

Springer Rue relies on his big sister, Penelope, a mixed-breed fawn dog, for guidance and comfort. The only time they are separated is mealtime, because sweet Rue will let Penelope eat it all. Though not biologically related, they have been together for Rue's entire life. Both of these dogs are friendly, people-oriented, energetic, happy and eager to please. They need a strong, active Forever Family with room in their hearts and in their home for two.

Bruno & Buddy

Brighton, MI

While Buddy and Bruno are not littermates, they have grown up together since they were both four months old. Especially dependent on each other for support and comfort, Bruno and Buddy bring out the best in each other. The transition from living mostly outside to now spending more time inside has included some trial and error, but they are getting better every day. Routine and consistency will be vital to help these sweet guys learn to navigate all of the exciting things that a new, loving household entails.

Sable & Apache

Houston, TX

Sable and Apache are siblings that came into our care due to their energy level. They have found a Forever Home with plenty of room to run, and they are receiving some basic training. They are almost a year old and have another year of puppy behavior ahead of them. Most Springers start to slow down a bit around age two; however, the field-bred Springers can have lots of energy even into their golden years. These happy, healthy pups will be their lucky new family's constant companions for many years to come!

Bruno & Wrigley

Chicago, IL

Siblings Bruno and Wrigley are best buddies. Because these boys are truly bonded, they needed to be adopted as a pair. Never separated, they delight in exploring and enjoying life together. When they are not walking or eating, Wrigley and Bruno are usually resting close together, lying either back to back or close enough so that one has his head or paw on the other. They have now found a loving Forever Home where they can always be together.

Skipper & Scooter

North Tustin, CA

Skipper and Scooter had their world turned upside down recently when their owner became ill and was unable to care for them any longer. They are best buddies who have always been together. Both of these boys are very loving and social, and they are typical Velcro Springers who just want to be near their humans. They enjoy their daily walks and spend that time sniffing the ground and every bush, looking for any critter not smart enough to get out of their way! These great guys are healthy, happy, and excited to have found their perfect Forever Home together.