Bonded Pairs

Adopting a bonded pair is not the answer for every home, but it's the perfect answer for many.

In some cases, a bonded pair is a parent with an offspring. Sometimes it is two littermates — puppies, teenagers, or even seniors. Occasionally the two dogs are simply long- or even short-term companions with no blood relation at all but with a well-established bond through their shared life experiences. These are dogs who, even though they may be otherwise well socialized, have come to depend upon each other as a survival technique. They seem to rely on one another for their social cues, for confidence building in new situations, and for stress relief from any uncomfortable predicament they may experience.

We’re not talking simply about any two dogs who have come into the ESRA program together, despite the fact that they may be connected by blood or previous family situation. Two such dogs may very well be placed in separate homes so that they may both become “the best dogs they can be.” One dog may thrive away from the shadow of the other, more dominant dog. In contrast, a truly bonded pair honestly has a visible cadence that seems to control their every move and their every response to their environment. They deserve to be kept together.

Why adopt a bonded pair?

  • First, there is the undeniable realization that you have brought not just one, but two dogs, baffled and confused by an unexpected turn in the world they previously knew, into a safe, secure, and loving home. What a feeling!
  • Second, the adjustment into their new environment is eased simply by the fact that these dogs still have each other. Security trumps fear in so many cases!
  • Third, having a built-in companion and playmate provides stimulation that reduces boredom, destructive behavior, and potential separation anxiety.

Recent Bonded Pairs


Wesley and Daisy

Agua Dulce, CA

Wesley, a handsome liver-and-white male, and Daisy, a pretty black-and-white female, are a wonderful Springer duo! While they are not littermates, they have been together since puppyhood, and they’re looking for a home together where they can continue to enjoy each other’s company along with their new Forever Family. Both dogs love affection and are great house companions. They connect easily to the people they meet, and they love to snuggle.

Prior Bonded Pairs

Radar and Tank

Ocala, Florida

Our dynamic duo, Radar and Tank, are wonderful seven-year-old brothers with lots of love to share. They are described as friendly, affectionate, snuggly, polite, and happy. Who coud ask for more? They do everything together, including eating, sleeping, and playing with their toys. We think they were always called “RadarandTank” because neither of them seems to know their names individually!

Mari and Murphy

N o r t h r i d g e ,  C A

These wonderful Springers had their world turned upside down recently when they were impounded by a local Animal Control because of owner neglect. These two dogs have always been together and truly love each other, so they will need to be adopted as a bonded pair. These two beauties were bred and raised to be show dogs, and both Murphy and Mari made it to grand champion status! We are not sure when or why the neglect began, but we are thankful that the shelter allowed us to take them into the ESRA program. They are now happy, healthy, mat free, and loving life as Springers should.

Lucy and Sally

Chisago City, MN

These sweet girls came into ESRA’s program when their elderly owners were no longer able to care for them. These dogs are energetic and affectionate. Lucy is bigger and calmer than Sally. The girls are strongly bonded, and they do everything together. If they are separated, they become anxious and whine quietly. Like most Springers, they love food, treats, and snuggling on the couch. They are now very happy in their Forever Home!