spotlightSpotlight on ESRA Friends

ESRA has hundreds of volunteers and special friends who help make our organization the success it has been since 1998. Every once in a while we like to shine our spotlight on a few of them to applaud their efforts and to encourage the generosity and help of others.

Many of our ESRA families have kids who are learning the value of using their talents and gifts to help those in need. We proudly introduce you to some of them here.

CAM ALLAN — with a very successful ESRA fundraising project!

ESRA has another "second generation" volunteer hard at work for our Springers!

Meet Cam Allan, a senior at Colorado Academy in Denver, Colorado, who chose ESRA as the beneficiary for his senior year Community Service Project. Throughout December 2015, January and February 2016, Cam collected and dispensed supplies for ESRA's foster homes — dog treats, toys, collars, leashes, pet store gift cards, etc. — for his Rocky Mountain Region and much-needed funds through ESRA's official channels, both online and mail-in.

He hoped to generate at least $1,000 in donations for ESRA — and as many good things for our foster homes as people are willing to donate!

You'll enjoy reading Cam's own words to get to know him better and why this project was important to him:

"I am a proud brother of my ESRA dog, Earl. I have been helping my mom, Lora Allan, with ESRA since we adopted Earl ten years ago. Because Earl has given me so much love, joy and support over the years, I want to return the favor to ESRA."

UPDATE DECEMBER 14, 2015: Cam's project got off to a great start. Monetary donations are coming in and already two lucky foster dogs will be enjoying the first bag of food donated for Cam's project! Eat hearty, Gabby and Tulo!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 29, 2016: DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Cam exceeded his goal of $1,000 — and even more than doubled it! Read below for Cam's "final report" on his very successful project.

UPDATE MARCH 16, 2016 "Today, March 16, is my best friend Earl's 11th birthday. We adopted Earl on July 28, 2005, when he was 4 months old and I was almost 8. I cherish every day I have with him. ESRA has given me much joy and love by allowing Earl to join my family. I am so thankful which is why I chose to benefit ESRA with my school project. With the help of many people in the ESRA Rocky Mountain Region and ESRA donors across the nation, family and friends, my project raised $2255 for ESRA – including a "bonus" for meeting and exceeding my goal. I have also collected dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog bowls, several gift cards and other supplies for ESRA foster dogs, including items that will be auctioned at the ESRA Rocky Mountain Region Picnic in June.

I want to thank everyone who donated to my project for their kindness and generosity. Earl and I are very proud to support ESRA!


Vaughn McIntire was just a toddler when his family adopted their first ESRA Springer. In the years since the first one, the family has added two more Springers and Vaughn is now a teenager on the path to Eagle Rank in the world of scouting. To earn his Citizenship of the Community, Nation and World merit badges, Vaughn wanted to do something special for ESRA so he launched a campaign in his Florida community to raise funds for ESRA and to boost awareness of the good work we do across the country. In just a few months over the summer in 2015, he raised over $1,775 in cash and gift cards! He admits he was a little surprised by the great response to his project! Florida Coordinator Susan Zuker was on hand to accept the generous gift and thank Vaughn personally for his fantastic effort. As Vaughn explained to his donors, the money will to go to help pay for medical bills, food, and comfort items, such as beds and toys for the Springers in ESRA's foster care as they wait for their perfect new family!


Eight-year-old Evan Allbritton, pictured here with Mickey and Francie, has been surrounded by rescued ESRA Springers since she was born so she has a personal connection to the good work that ESRA does. Living in Austin TX, she eagerly followed the story of Special Needs Clayton with her mom and was amazed by the efforts of all who helped with his rescue and got him through his long rehabilitation to good health.

In early April 2014, Evan was selected Student of the Month at Mathnasium — an enrichment center in Austin that she attends after school — and was awarded a cash prize. She quickly decided to donate part of her prize to ESRA explaining "I want to make sure more Springer pups get a chance at a great new life like Clayton and our ESRA rescues have." ESRA is lucky to have many dedicated volunteers across the country who are helping their children understand at an early age the importance of giving to those in need and supporting causes that touch their hearts. Kudos to Evan for her thoughtful gift!


Meet ten-year-old Nicholas Holmes, one of ESRA's staunch supporters in Georgia. Two of Nick's best friends are the family's adopted ESRA Springers Charley and Holly and he has helped to care for numerous other Springers while in foster care in his home. He's an old hand at helping with ESRA volunteer efforts, like driving with his mom to meet adopters and searching for Springers who have gotten lost, but he wanted to do something more - something to add to ESRA's bank account so Springers he might not even know could be helped.

He decided a Lemonade Stand was the answer, so to get the word out, he made posters, blew up balloons, and directed thirsty walkers to his stand using sidewalk chalk. All customers were told ESRA's story so they would understand why he planned to donate every penny from his endeavor "for the dogs" and everyone was introduced to Charley — little kids were encouraged to pet him so they could experience the gentle sweet Springer nature. If traffic to his stand got a little slow, Nick jumped on his bike and rode around the neighborhood drumming up more business.

By day's end, Nick's successful entreprenurial venture brought in $65 for ESRA — that's a lot of lemonade at 25c per glass!

We're very proud of this special young man and truly appreciate his generous spirit! Please join us in saluting Nick and Charley for being such great ambassadors for ESRA!


In 2011 the Best family in North Carolina adopted a beautiful young female Springer that they named Lizzy from ESRA. Their youngest son Lars is particularly attached to her and decided to do something special for ESRA on his birthday.

We're very proud of this young budding philanthropist and happily share his note with our readers.

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