Doodles – Arvada, CO

ESRA Special Needs Springer

ESRA #2017-55CO
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Color: Liver & White

Ten-and-one-half year-old Doodles from Cascade, in the mountains above Colorado Springs, was brought to ESRA's attention in February 2017 by his caregivers at that time. Doodles had been a much-loved companion to his elder owner, who, sadly, passed away in November 2016. This left the responsibility of Doodles' care to very close family friends. Unfortunately, the living arrangement for these kind individuals drastically changed within the past couple of months and they were no longer able to care for Doodles. They contacted ESRA for assistance, and it didn't take long for Doodles to be transferred to our care. blanket

While Doodles was loved and cared for by his previous owner and caregivers, this sweet boy had already been known to have a plethora of medical problems. He was diabetic and had issues with his metabolic processes. He was still intact and had a very large mass on his right testicle that needed to be removed. He was also having problems with his eyes and his skin condition was very poor.

Under our care, Doodles was admitted to the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (CSU). He was further assessed and underwent a series of tests and examinations to properly diagnose his various medical maladies. Through these tests, it was confirmed that a previously suspected condition known as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (or EPI) was one of the problems that Doodles was afflicted with. This condition is characterized as a lack of digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas to digest food, which can lead to a mal-absorption of nutrients in the normal digestive process. There is no known cure for the condition, but the addition of a pancreatic enzyme supplement to Doodles' meals aids in the digestion process where the normally produced enzymes are no longer present. cone

Additionally, and possibly more detrimental to Doodle's overall health, was a confirmed diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus. This form of diabetes, similar to that of Type 1 Diabetes in humans, is possibly the result of Doodle's EPI. Pancreatic cells, which produce insulin-producing beta cells which are no longer functioning properly, can often result in insulin-dependent diabetes. Such is the case with Doodles. Luckily, this form of diabetes can be treated, and with proper medication and concurrent monitoring, there is no reason that Doodle's life span or quality of life need be compromised. Doodles is currently administered a subcutaneous (SQ under the skin) insulin injection twice daily after meals. The administering of insulin must be given at precise intervals, and his glucose and ketone levels must be monitored to insure that he does not go into diabetic ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia. Doodle's foster mom monitors these levels with Keto Diastix (urine dipsticks) and watches his physical condition for marked symptoms of either condition. Both can be very dangerous and potentially life threatening if not addressed properly.

While a neuter and scrotal mass removal was high on our list of important procedures for Doodles, neither could be performed until further testing/diagnosis was rendered to insure his safety through a surgical procedure. It was a few weeks before the surgery could be performed, and when it was, it was a little more complex than just a simple castration. The large mass was removed and smaller masses were removed from the smaller testicle. They were diagnosed as Seminoma, Leydig cell and Sertoil cell tumors. All were contained within the removed testicles. Further pathology reports revealed that all masses have been removed successfully and that there is no presence of cancer. Great news for Doodles! The mass removal left a large incision with 17 sutures and a 3-day stay at the University Hospital for monitoring and recovery. Doodles also had an enlarged prostate which was removed during his surgery and a small splenic nodule that will be further monitored by ultrasonic testing in 2 to 3 months.

For years, Doodles has also suffered with eye irritation that has caused inflammation and discharge. This, too, was recently diagnosed as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (or KCS). In other words -- dry eye. Medication has been prescribed to sooth and comfort his eyes. Doodles has also been diagnosed with mild, early cataracts (a common complication as a result of diabetes) and possible previous trauma to his left optic nerve. No further treatments have been recommended at this time. meds

After Doodles' extended stay at CSU, he was released into the care of his current foster home. We are grateful to Doodles' foster mom for the care that she is providing to him. It is here that he is monitored, administered his life-saving medications, and provided with the love and care necessary to further his rehabilitation and help Doodles search for a loving Forever Home. This process of monitoring and medication administration takes a great deal of time and dedication on the part of Doodles' caregiver to insure his continued better health. It is also very important that anyone considering adopting Doodles be mindful of this regimen, as his life is dependent on his caregiver's commitment to his medical needs.

His dry skin and coat are also a result of his recent confirmed diagnoses. They are being treated further with additional medicated wipes to aid in their healing. His diet is specially formulated with high fiber and lower carbohydrates due to his diabetes and EPI diagnoses. His medicines are administered in a timely manner, his skin and coat are maintained to bring back their luster and his eyes are treated for comfort. Another important factor in his recovery and further health status is that of a monitored exercise regimen. Exercise is important in controlling diabetes by increasing the number of insulin receptors on cells. It is important that Doodles maintains consistent exercise. Walks are ideal, particularly after he has eaten and received his insulin.

While providing Doodles' surgery, testing and treatment has come with a significant cost to ESRA, we are committed to bringing better health to this sweet boy. His foster mom reports that he has gone through so much without a single complaint and has been a real trooper. Additional testing and procedures may be necessary to assist Doodles, and your concern for him and donations to aid in his care are so very greatly appreciated.

Update 4/20/17:

It is amazing what proper care, love and commitment can do for a dog. Doodles can attest to that! Doodles

Doodles can now walk for an hour a day. He has even taken an interest in chasing squirrels! He is a totally changed dog. His blood glucose can now be normal for several days in a row and he has gained several pounds. Doodles Doodles does not bark much and wants attention from all dogs and people on the trail. Lately he seems to be in love with the dog next door and just sits next to the fence, sometimes for an hour at a time, just waiting for her arrival.

It appears that things are looking up for our sweet Doodles, and we are grateful to his caregivers and his donors for helping to turn his life around.


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Wayne Scholes In honor of Sadie & Koda, because you helped our two beautiful friends when we needed you.
Charleen O'Connell In memory of my late sweet Buddy (an ESRA-Sr foster boy).
Ronnie & Richard Henderson In memory of Spencer.
Victoria Nielsen In memory of my three sweet Springer babies, Arco, Patrick & Jenny
Teresa Hillier In honor of Turbo, Scout & Chloe
Rene Pizzo In honor of ESRA foster parents
Dessie Botham In memory of Becca
Jamie Balazs In memory of Mickey
Kathleen Engberg In memory of Lydia
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Jan Ybarra In honor of Clayton Nation
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Monica Smith In honor of Doodles' foster mom and all who care for our Special needs pups.
Gary & Linda Plate In memory of Benny, Pokey, Riddle and Bailey; just a few of our SN springers who have blessed our lives.
Anne Mele In memory of Beauty
Eileen Koob In memory of Darcy
Stacey, Kenny & Madie Smith In honor of Doodles' foster mom.