Carmen – Dallas, TX

ESRA Special Needs Springer

ESRA #2016-127 TX
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Color: Black and white

Before we launch into Carmen's story, watch this video and try to picture this little girl in this condition, abandoned and alone in a city park on a stormy day.

It's hard to imagine how frightened, helpless and hopeless she must have felt. But she is now an ESRA dog and her future will be improved beyond her wildest dreams! Here's how her ESRA story begins:

Following hundreds of posts on social media, ESRA volunteers in Texas heard of a Springer in dire need of rescue from the Garland shelter. The following morning, ESRA sat anxiously in the shelter's parking lot waiting for the doors to open. They found Carmen, filthy, matted and covered in mud from head to toe. One of her hind legs had been amputated, and the other was lifeless, dragging behind her. She was unable to stand or walk on her own. At a slight 22 lbs, she was emaciated and severely dehydrated. She was completely confused and terrified!

Her new life began as soon as the shelter paperwork was signed.

At her initial vet visit, she was treated for a raging urinary tract infection and also diagnosed with possible bladder issues. X-rays showed no fractures or recent trauma to her hind quarters. It was clear that her condition was not caused by a recent accident but was likely a chronic condition that she had lived with for quite some time. She was immediately referred to a neurologist.

Currently the neurology team is running a battery of tests — bloodwork, additional x-rays, expensive imaging (MRI/CT Scan) and a possible spinal tap to determine the best treatment plan. The vet believes she has some feeling in her hind leg therefore there is a little room at this point to hope for improvement.

We are now in a holding pattern as we await results of the tests and the neurologist's recommendations of a treatment plan for Carmen. Watch for updates on this page as we learn the next steps — whether it be surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation, or maybe even a set of custom wheels so she can maneuver the world in style.

Now that ESRA has alleviated Carmen's sense of helplessness, the most remarkable thing everyone has noticed about this pocket-sized Springer is her feisty and exuberant personality! The vets are stunned by her strong-willed and extraordinary determined spirit. It has been reported that "She is strong as an ox and can shoot across the yard on her belly in the blink of an eye!"

With an indomitable spirit and ESRA behind her, we can't wait to see Carmen take on the world in style — Carmen style! Your donations will make all the difference in this precious girl's life!

UPDATE 3/22/16: Carmen has appropriately been nicknamed Carmen Esperanza which most of us recognize means "hope." The MRI and the CT scan of her spine revealed marked spinal cord compression, deviation similar to scoliosis and atrophy, all of which contribute toissues with the flow of spinal fluid. The neurologist believes that Carmen was born with these abnormalities. However more than likely a subsequent traumatic incident (e.g. being hit by a car) later in life was the reason for the left hind leg's amputation and the cause of the exacerbation of her pre-existing neurological condition. She has some arthritis in her shoulders, but she is not in pain. As with most recumbent dogs, she does not have full control over her bladder and bowel and likely UTI’s will often be of concern.

Unfortunately, surgery is not an option for this precious girl. Yet, the neurologist is quite confident that with intensive physical therapy along with the aid of a four-wheeled cart or wheelchair, Carmen should be able to enjoy a happy and good quality of life. Time will tell. Acclimating a dog to a wheeled apparatus usually begins with four wheels, then as strength improves, the "training wheels" can come off and the dog can "graduate" to two wheels.

Carmen's consult with the physical therapist is scheduled later this week. Meanwhile enjoy this glimpse into Carmen's delightfully playful and happy personality depite her disability.

UPDATE 3/25/16: Getting ready for PT! Carmen continues to charm everyone on the professional team called upon to help her and give ESRA guidance on her future. Yesterday she captivated the veterinary physical therapists with her darling personality and perfect behavior. They were very pleased with her emotional and physical strength and her drive to "get moving" – all attributes that will play a significant role in a successful rehabilitation plan.

Carmen was sent back home with her foster mom with a list of daily exercises – range of motion, standing/bouncing/rocking, slow short walks in a harness and/or cart several times a day, leg stimulation by rubbing, touching even massaging with an electric toothbrush! The physical therapist seems to think water therapy will be most beneficial so we'll get her on that treadmill once her urinary tract infection clears up. Her regimen might also include acupuncture and laser therapy. Therapy will begin with visits once a week, then increase to twice weekly. We also anticipate that the treatment plan will be a work in progress changing often as Carmen responds.

Her rehabilitation and getting professionally fitted for a custom set of wheels for her future mobility and improved quality of life will continue to add to the cost of rescuing this precious girl. There will also be additional appointments with the neurologist but ESRA is committed to moving forward with fundraising projects to cover the costs. Carmen is an ESRA Springer. She will benefit from the strength of our wide-ranging friends and supporters. We appreciate knowing that we can count on them to step up and offer their help!

UPDATE 4/1/16: A Preview of Miss Carmen's Future! Carmen is learning how to maneuver with the fantastic aid of wheels! She is obviously an enthusiastic student and a quick study! When this "borrowed" set is replaced by her custom-designed vehicle in a few weeks, there will be nothing to stop her from enjoying a most exciting life! Isn't she precious!

UPDATE 4/6/16: Carmen's urinary tract infection has cleared up and she has started her water therapy which promises to be very beneficial to building strength in her hind quarters. She started this week with twice weekly sessions and will graduate to several times weekly as she gains more strength.


Scroll back up to the top of her story and watch that first video one more time, then take a look at this one and give that girl a standing ovation!



UPDATE: July 2017 It is with great sadness we share with Carmen’s followers and supporters that her time here on Earth has ended.

Several months ago, Carmen’s remaining hind-leg joint became unstable, popping in and out of its socket. X-rays revealed severe hip dysplasia, which was not too surprising given its overuse -- a result of being an amputee. She did not exhibit any pain, but did lose what little function she had. Mobility became minimal. Her days of chasing bunnies, squirrels, and even bugs were behind her — things that brought her much joy. Her recurrent bladder issues became more troublesome. Her foster mom had much difficulty expressing her bladder — likely miscommunication from the brain, creating chronic urinary tract infections. She began to suffer with severe arthritis in her shoulders, elbows and even in her feet. Medical massages and acupuncture were administered although they offered no relief. The small quality of life that Carmen had once enjoyed was gradually taken away.

Her happiness and comfort always at the forefront, the painful decision was made to allow this sweet girl to become whole once more. Carmen was a much-loved member of the Springer community, but no love could match that of her foster family. Knowing her time was limited and living up to their promise to her to help her find a family of her own one day, this kind and loving family officially made her a part of their own before assisting her to cross peacefully by their sides.

From the day Carmen Esperanza arrived into ESRA’s care, she inspired hope in everyone that she met. She shared her determination and indomitable spirit with the world, and we are all richer for having known her. Fly high little Carmen. The wheels of your cart are now the golden wings on which you soar. You’ll always be in our hearts.



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