Clayton – Dallas, TX

ESRA Special Needs Springer

ESRA 2014-32 TX
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Color: Liver and white

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Clayton is a beautiful male Springer who right now is living day to day. The best way to tell his story is through the diary entries that follow:

Saturday, January 11, 2014:
This beautiful boy was sitting in Animal Control in W. Texas. He was severely emaciated, lethargic, so weak, and just barely hanging on to life. He would not eat nor drink. The shelter would not let volunteers get in to see him nor pull him until his stray hold was up. So he sat suffering alone for ten days. An "angel" who helps several rescue groups cried when she saw him and refused to leave him there. She pulled him on Saturday January 11 and rushed him immediately to the emergency vet with 24-hour care. She was with him every step of the way, sitting with him at the vet for hours, cooking for him, doing everything she could to keep him comfortable and hoping to help him feel better. His prognosis looked very, very grim. He is a big boy with huge bear paws, long legs and weighed a mere 32 lbs — his healthy weight should be closer to 50-55 lbs. Despite IV fluids, antibiotics and attempt after attempt to get him to eat or drink, he became weaker by the day, barely able to stand, and would rarely hold his head up. Despite his bleak condition, he still managed to offer his paw to everyone and offer the famous Springer wiggle every chance he got. But, after five days, the vets gave up hope. ESRA had to make a decision as to his most loving and gentle Springer boy's fate.

Wednesday, January 15:
Refusing to give up on Clayton, Dallas volunteers contacted a specialty critical care vet in the Dallas area and shared information, vet records, etc. with Dr. Lisa Thompson. Her reputation is impeccable! She is both a critical care veterinarian and also specializes in Pancreatitis. Her opinion was that she could, indeed, give him a good chance at recovery but it would be a very long and expensive undertaking. Beautiful news! We were not giving up on Clayton just yet. And to underscore the vet's hopeful news, Pilots and Paws ( agreed to transport him, free of charge, from W. Texas to Dallas.

Thursday, January 16:
Tyler with Pilots and Paws picked Clayton up and flew him to Dallas on Thursday, January 16. These pilots are absolutely amazing! Upon landing, he was immediately rushed to the specialty clinic.

Critical Care vet called about 9:00 PM. They performed an ultrasound on organs. Liver looks for the most part "normal." Kidney looks good. Heart looks good albeit small likely due to lack of blood in his body.

Yesterday, via telephone conversation and scanning vet records, the Dallas vets thought he instead was suffering from some type of the gastrointestinal tract/inflammatory disease causing his anorexia/malnutrition/dehydration. It appears this might be more likely as the stomach wall is very much abnormally thick. Typically this is a sign of either lymphoma or fungus. Nothing definitive yet but the vet seems to lean toward a fungus rather than the lymphoma. They are taking into account he has been living in W. Texas where they are many dangerous and nasty fungi. They aspirated the stomach wall and the liver. Results back end of day tomorrow (Friday). That will be huge news. They also sent out a detailed pancreatic test to Texas A&M that should be back in a couple of days. Appears he is not absorbing anything, hence the starvation. Proteins very low, electrolytes abnormal, etc. — all signs of malabsorption. Lots of fluid in intestines/colon meaning, again, he's not absorbing anything. He is VERY anemic. Typically red blood cell count 38-45. His numbers are at 15. They are giving him a blood transfusion that he DESPERATELY needs right now and 4 hours later an albumin infusion. Albumin does come with risks but its benefits far outweigh at this point for Clayton. Might also do plasma infusion. Nothing showed up in chest X-ray, thank goodness He is in bad shape. Each day is a gift with this boy. He is an intensive care patient. They will continue to monitor his bloodwork throughout the night. Vet will call me in morning with updates.

Friday morning, January 17:
Brief update. Clayton is perkier today thanks to the blood transfusion and albumin infusion he had overnight. They are quite concerned about infection so loading him up with antibiotics. Now that he has some blood in his little body, hopefully he can now get the meds, fluids, etc. flowing so all can get to work on him. The remainder of his blood transfusion will be completed today. They will call this afternoon with pending test results! Hopefully this will give us some answers.

Hang in there, Clayton!

Friday evening, January 17:
A very positive day today — Clayton is stronger and responding to the various treatments. His blood transfusion was quite beneficial as he is definitely livelier. His blood work also is improving; his values are moving in the right direction toward "normal." Notably, his white blood cell count decreased from 60,000 to 30,000 in just 24 hours.

More big news! Needle biopsies of liver and stomach revealed no cancer and no fungal organisms. Whew!

A feeding tube was inserted today so Clayton will finally begin receiving much-needed nutrients. We are even more hopeful today!

Saturday, January 18:
A nice visit with baby boy today. Over and over, every vet and all the staff comment on Clayton's beautiful and gentle soul. After meeting him, they understand why we are providing him every chance for life. They say he is one of the sweetest dogs they have ever met.

Interestingly, the vets these days really stress the importance of visitors to these dogs who are struggling to survive. One of our finest foster families joined me at the hospital to spend time with Clayton so it was a big day for him. The vet techs were gathered around him in awe of his progress since yesterday after completing the blood transfusion and now with a feeding tube through his nose. He is able to stand on his own and even trotted when he went outside to potty. When he returned, he still had enough energy to rearrange his bedding for optimal comfort! That's our boy! They said he's starting to be a dog again. He got lots of love, pets and kisses today and, in return, he offered us his big HUGE paw!

We also had an opportunity to speak directly with his critical care vet. She was extremely pleased at his marked improvement! She, too, is stunned by his body's ability to compensate in order to survive in this condition so very long — likely many months. It's unbearable to even imagine. Of some concern now and quite puzzling is the development of patches of necrosis on his rear hocks. They cultured and are monitoring carefully. It is very possibly simply a result of the starvation where parts of his body are starting to die off.

We cannot wait to see one day soon the healthy and strong Clayton as the magnificent and majestic Springer he was meant to be! More updates Monday unless he takes a turn for the worse. He will continue with the feeding tube over the weekend and rest up; they will reassess on Monday. If they decide he needs a biopsy of his thickened stomach wall, he should be strong enough then to tolerate the anesthesia.

The concern and support from Springer lovers all over the world, yes the world, is staggering! Thank you to everyone.

Sunday morning, January 19:
Dr. Thompson called early this morning. She sounded a bit discouraged. While he is not sliding backward, his condition remains the same. She had hoped he would be stronger than yesterday. They are increasing his food intake and will continue to feed him intravenously for the next 24 hours.

The plan for Monday is to "scope" his stomach lining. They initially did a needle biopsy but getting a larger sample is now necessary to tell the whole story. The findings will let us know what we're up against. If it comes back negative, we can pretty confidently assume it is purely starvation from lack of access to food and water. Ideally, he needs to rally and gain more strength by then as they need to sedate him for the procedure. It is risky but imperative it is done.

Dr. Thompson ended our conversation "singing his praises" about his sweet spirit and the tail that never stops wagging. I'll go spend a little time with him today and maybe get a short video to share so everyone can get to know Clayton a little bit better. Dr. Thompson will give me a ring again this evening with another update.

We should all be so lucky to be as well-loved as this Springer boy! The support in thought, prayer and donations continues to be AMAZING! This next 24-48 hours is critical, so please continue to send all Clayton's way — all are needed more than ever. Lots of wonderfully good people in the world.

Sunday evening, January 19:
Beth Maryan was able to spend a few minutes with Clayton this evening before they needed to insert a new feeding tube. No soundtrack or voiceover is necessary for this video.

Monday morning, January 20:
Beth will be speaking with Dr Thompson later today about Clayton's status and the next steps medically. He is not out of the woods — not by a long shot, but he hasn't regressed either. He was able to eat a small amount of wet food this morning, even though he gagged a bit when he ate it. That, coupled with his feeling a bit stronger, we hope are favorable signs.

Monday evening, January 20 Notes from Beth Maryan:
Clayton's prognosis was pretty disheartening yesterday. But I am super, super pleased to share a more positive update today.

Clayton ate a can of wet food on his own in the middle of the night. Big, huge progress! They ran more blood work today; it continues to improve with the exception of his albumin levels-meaning he is still having trouble absorbing the nutrients. A supplement is being added each day to help with that.

Yesterday, they had some serious concerns a life-threatening fungal infection might be the culprit for his illness. But it appears, given their findings today, it is unlikely. We will receive confirmation tomorrow. Yes, each day is a total emotional roller coaster to say the least.

They performed an ultrasound on his stomach/intestines and were able to see with much more clarity. Previously, there had been numerous lesions present. But, the lesions have disappeared; his stomach is healing!!! So, there's a good possibility that he will not need the endoscopy and/or surgery. It appears the treatments coupled with time are allowing his stomach to heal on its own. The vet was clearly excited, but she warned us not to get our hopes up too high. But we'll take it and allow ourselves to relish in that hope for today. She and the Internal Medicine Specialist believe he simply needs another 4-5 days in ICU to allow his digestive system more time to heal and his intestines to "reboot," if you will, and relearn their role.

Even though the positive trend, he is still a very weak little guy. His body is working overtime to heal so he is sleeping lots. He might not look so different on the outside but he is improving on the inside.

Clayton had a couple visits today from some of our amazing adopters! Our adorable junior ESRA volunteer, Audrey, made this phenomenal video for us to enjoy as a tribute to him and all the springer lovers rooting for him and donating SO generously allowing him all he needs to beat this. Clayton is definitely "Getting By With a Little Help from his Springer-Loving Friends!"

Tuesday, January 21:
A nurse took some photos of Clayton during this morning's outing. Love seeing him outside in the sunshine! Notice his caretaker is toting all his IV bags etc. on her shoulder as she walks next to him.

For the most part, Clayton improved overnight. It's obvious he is stronger. In fact his red blood cell count is perfect which is amazing. His protein levels are still way too low so will have another albumin infusion today to help him along while we wait it out for the next few days until hopefully his digestive system starts functioning properly.

Unfortunately, his pneumonia has worsened. He picked up a nasty upper respiratory infection at the shelter. With his severely compromised immune system it quickly led to pneumonia. They are bumping up and changing antibiotics and adding in some nebulizing treatments this morning to combat this.

Tuesday late night, January 21 Notes from Beth Maryan:
Well, not much good news this evening. Clayton had turned a corner last night. By morning he had wolfed down 1/2 lb. of cooked hamburger, his head was up, he was bright and alert, his eyes were clear, he was walking around comfortably, his prognosis was good. But, he gradually began to decline throughout the day. The pneumonia is progressing and is now threatening his life. They're doing everything they can but it typically takes a full 24 hours to respond to treatment. Asking Clayton's body to fight off all of this all at once just might be too much to ask. They're looking for any improvement at all overnight. Tonight is critical . . .

Wednesday, January 22:

Seems our little boy is quite the little fighter with a very strong will to live. Not only did he make it through the night, but he's responding to the new antibiotics and nebulizing treatments, his lungs are slowly starting to clear, and his fever is down. He will probably need one more day on oxygen. When the doctor arrived this morning, she was concerned as she didn't get the tail-wagging greeting she usually did from Clayton. But, a couple of minutes later he got up by himself and walked to his pen door asking to be let out — something he had never done before. He then proceeded to eat a helping of boiled chicken. Also very encouraging, he has gained a little over a pound in the last couple days. Made Dr. Thompson's day!

Clayton had a very special visitor today. Lori Clayton, his W. Texas angel and namesake, drove all the way to Dallas today to spend some time with him.

As you might imagine, Clayton's vet bills are exorbitant. But the round-the-clock ICU care is necessary for his survival. The generosity from Clayton's "fans" has been overwhelming but continued donations are very much still needed. He still has a long way to go.

Thursday, January 23: Only good news today!

Again, Clayton is stronger today than yesterday. And each day he gains a little more weight. His left lung is really looking good; his right lung is improving but at a slower pace. He is quite comfortable with no labored breathing. He's still on the oxygen for the time being. We've decided to forgo the exploratory surgery on his intestines given its risks. They are instead putting him on a specific mediciine for assistance. It will take a couple of days to see positive results, if any. Hoping he responds and he just needs a little kick start! The necrotic areas on his hocks are healing — a very good sign that blood flow is far, far better and that his body is, in general, getting healthier each day.

He is eating solid food (chicken) but only sporadically; he turns his nose up at the canned food. His primary source of nutrition and nutrition supplements still come through his IV. Beth Maryan is going to cook up some homemade, balanced meals and take them over in hopes of enticing him! In the next day or so, they plan to remove the IV nutrition and insert a tube in his esophagus. This will allow him to transition to a more gristly yet easily digestible diet and graduate to a "normal" diet over time. He can go home with this feeding tube.

Home? Yes, we are talking about preparing Clayton to go home in a few days! That is, if all continues to go well. He will still have a very long recovery, but he will be in the loving care of his foster family.

Clayton has had numerous visitors each day. The entire staff is in utter awe at ESRA's tremendous love, compassion and commitment to our Springers. They've just never seen anything quite like us.

Until tomorrow …

P.S. Donations are still desperately needed!

Friday, January 24:
Clayton is doing amazing! Dr. Thompson was literally giddy and couldn't wait to update us. He has been in an isolation room for the last few days with a sliding glass door. They've been leaving the door open. This morning, he got up, walked out of the sliding door, worked through the ICU and then down the hall! Can you believe it? He's a whole new dog! When we went in to visit him, his head immediately popped up, tail started wagging and of course stretched out his big, beautiful paw to greet us. We about fell over! He was so alert. He even starting cleaning himself and doing "dog" things. Even more amazing, his albumin levels are up!First time since he arrived. Thus far, this has been his most serious issue. The meds are working as we hoped they would! This also completely rules out cancer and fungal infections in the stomach/intestines. Confirms he has simply been suffering from starvation. It is a beautiful, beautiful day!

Nothing but awesome news and more awesome news from Dallas!

Clayton is trotting up to say "hello" to everyone. During his potty breaks he is pulling, yes pulling, on the leash. Hallelujah!

He's definitely much stronger again today than yesterday. Honestly, the vets can hardly believe his progress.

The eating tube was inserted in his esophagus yesterday. Thankfully, all went well. They are now feeding him a solid diet through the tube, along with his medications and water. This way, they can monitor his caloric intake, etc.

He's off the oxygen. His right lung still has signs of pneumonia and will continue to need monitoring. Again, he is not showing any signs of a struggle. They will check his albumin levels tomorrow but they expect they will be elevated even more so. They believe the protein loss is coming from his intestines due to inflammation rather than from the liver as they are not seeing any liver damage.

He might, just might be able to go home tomorrow.

Thank all of you for loving this irresistible Springer boy from afar and allowing us to save his life through your generous donations! There are no words to express our thanks and gratitude for all your "goodness."

Sunday morning, January 26:
Well, plans for Clayton to go home have been postponed. His fever's back up, protein levels are down, and he is much quieter today. After a day or so of receiving injectable meds, this morning they put him back on an IV so he can receive them intravenously and more effectively. No visitors today for little boy. We want him to do nothing but rest and get well.

Sunday evening, January 26:
Clayton's vet called late this evening. He still continues to get physically stronger and more active each and every day despite the complications with the fever and pneumonia. In fact, seems he's turning into a bit of a silly springer boy! They're having trouble keeping him contained. He spent his free time today attempting to escape his cage and sneak out of his isolation room, evidently creating a bit of a ruckus in ICU! He continues to pull the vet techs here, there and everywhere on the leash and is nose-to-the-ground when he's outside during his potty breaks. His weight is back up again after losing the last couple of days during the transition to the new esophageal feeding tube. X-rays today showed his right lung is on the mend — 50% better than yesterday. He only has a slight wet cough today. Switching up his antibiotics was a good decision. All very promising!

What's not improving are his protein levels — he's still losing protein. The doctors are just not sure why. Again it may be he just needs time. We've discussed at length and have decided to do just that — give him time to recover and hope his body can turn it around. If we can continue to keep the pneumonia at bay for the next day or so, he will be able to leave the hospital. His foster mom will continue to administer his meds through his IV there at home and he will be monitored very closely.

We'll know more tomorrow. Again, we are so truly appreciative of your emotional and financial support but both are still needed.

Tuesday, January 28:
Pretty drastic turn of events. We had to make some pretty hard decisions today.

The doctors feel that if we don't figure out why Clayton is not producing and also losing proteins, we will lose him. Giving him time to recover on his own is not an option. Our only choice and his last and only hope is to go in surgically to find out exactly what's going on in his belly and fix it if we can. They pretty strongly believe there is a cause vs. a result of starvation. The surgery will be risky and his recovery even riskier. They will perform another albumin infusion overnight and begin surgery first thing in the morning. A surgeon will perform his operation, so Clayton will be, as he has been, in perfect hands.

The surgery is very expensive and will set us back on our projected costs. Your generous donations are appreciated more than ever. And please, keep sending out all those prayers. This is our last shot at saving this precious Springer boy that has grabbed hold of all of our hearts across the country.

Wednesday morning, January 29, Notes from Beth Maryan:
Clayton just went into surgery and is doing fine. They really took their time with his albumin infusion last night and this morning which delayed it a bit. They wanted to prep him as well as possible loading him up with proteins to give him every chance of a safe and successful surgery and recovery today. He was his bright and cheery self this morning but none too happy he wasn't served breakfast. He kept trying to break out of his little isolation room and had his nose in the trash cans in search of a snack. How wonderful to see his adorable little personality peeking through a little more each day. They'll call when he's out of surgery and give me a report. Of course I will pass along as soon as I hear.

Wednesday afternoon, January 29, Notes from Beth Maryan:
Clayton's out of surgery! He's doing fine and waking up from anesthesia.

I spoke with the surgeon at length. There were no major findings. For the most part, everything looked pretty good except for his digestive system being a little beat up with all of this going on with him. They took several biopsies and are sending them off to a lab with a pretty quick turnaround.

His pancreas is suffering the most. They're pretty sure he does have EPI, which is essentially an enzyme insufficiency. He will probably needs meds (powder on his food) the rest of his life to assist the absorption of his nutrients. Again, the chicken or the egg first is still a question — did the starvation cause the EPI or did a genetic EPI cause the starvation? Without his history, we will probably never know. He went on to explain that while on the feeding tube, his system didn't have to work to process the food therefore he was gaining weight, etc. When they switched him over to the esophageal tube a few days ago, his body had to process his food intake. Because of the EPI, even though he was eating, he wasn't getting any of the nutrients — hence the backslide. The surgeon believes that as the pancreas recovers it will allow his body to start producing the proteins he has been lacking.

Other than that, they did not see any huge red flags (i.e. cancer, etc.). We will know definitive results when biopsy results are back. Another waiting game.

Now, we just need to focus on his healing over the next several days. Dr. Thompson is giving him additional albumin (proteins) right now to continue assisting his recovery.

Whew … I would consider all of this pretty promising news, wouldn't you all?

Wednesday evening, January 29, Notes from Beth Maryan:
Received a call from Dr. Thompson late this evening. I could "hear" her smiling through the phone. Our boy is doing so well; she is so pleased! His tail started wagging almost the minute he woke up from the anesthesia! And, he was hungry!

Dr. Thompson felt the surgery already has been very worthwhile. The full extent of the pancreas did not show up on the ultrasounds and x-rays. They now know exactly what they're dealing with. They will now up the amount and times per day of enzymes he's been getting given this new information. This should help tremendously. And in turn, hopefully also elevate his proteins.

She called the lab today to try to speed up the lab results from the biopsies. Should have them back as early as Friday.

Clayton hasn't had any visitors the last couple of days so he could get some R&R. But Dr. Thompson is really encouraging visitors now. So if you'd like enjoy some Clayton time, that would be great! Just let me know.

Aaaahhhhh, the power of all of us working together — volunteers, donors, doctors and prayers!

Thursday, January 30, Notes from Beth Maryan:
Clayton's hanging in there today — very groggy from all the pain meds. Dr. Thompson emphasized again how critical these next few days are and warned us not to get our hopes up too high. They keep feeding his body the albumin to boost his proteins to help with his healing. They'll do more blood work in the morning to see where we are and biopsy results are also expected back. Going to be a nerve-wracking day.

Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, Notes from Beth Maryan:
So excited to be able to pass on some really great news today! First, Dr. Simmons said Clayton just really seems extra, extra bright today. He thoroughly enjoyed his home-cooked meal that his future foster mom delivered to him this morning! And, seems Clayton took Dr. Simmons for a walk! She laughed and said he literally dragged her out the door and there was no question as to who was in charge on that mission. His electrolytes look great and his liver looks great … and are you ready for this?— Drum roll, please … HIS PROTEIN LEVELS MANAGED TO HOLD STEADY!!!! This is a first! The vet also reported that Clayton is sitting up in his isolation room along with some 4-legged buddies snacking on his duck treats with a tall glass of cool water in hand enjoying Super Bowl Sunday. Evidently, she overhead Clayton bark "Go Broncos"!

Monday, February 3:
Rumor has it that Clayton gets to go home sometime within the next 48 hours!

A little more info to share. Dr. Thompson said he still continues to gain weight every single day! Clearly he has a very long way to go still but it shows he is definitely absorbing nutrients now. It's true the camera puts 10 lbs. on you because the photos don't reveal how seriously emaciated he is. He has soooooo much muscle mass to gain, as well. I was reading up on the protein issue. When the body is not producing and/or losing protein, it ends up robbing other parts of the body (i.e. muscle). This explains all the muscle loss in his head that makes it appear deformed. Interesting. You learn quite a bit in rescue!

Click here to watch a video compilation ( of friends sending their "well wishes" to Clayton.

Tuesday, February 4:
Protein (albumin) levels up today! Woohoo! Tentative plans for Clayton to go to his foster family tomorrow (Wednesday) evening depending on how his exam and blood work look in the morning.

Gap in the Diary:
With all the excitement of Clayton's leaving the hospital and going to his foster home, daily updates were skipped. There was much preparation to get him home and lots of work once he was home. Updates will be more forthcoming now that a routine has been established. Clayton's health will always be the primary focus for his foster mom and other caregivers. We're sure everyone will understand.

Sunday, February 9 — Notes from Foster Mom:
First of all Clayton is fine. I had to rush him to ER about 1am. He had severe diarrhea after his last feed. After a slower day it was too much for him. His legs folded underneath him and he collapsed to the floor; his gums were pale.

As of this morning, he was stable and blood work was the same which was good. Doing more lab work today. He is bright and alert today. Eating and drinking on his own and wiggling that nub. They will monitor him today and release him tomorrow afternoon. No blood transfusion needed! I go back to work tomorrow but he will continue to have around the clock care, so I won't be posting as much. He will only have a 4 hr window alone, so we are hiring some of the staff to come in during that time for a feeding. Dr Thompson wants to personally come over to check in on him on her days off. Such a blessing. Very tired today so I can't wait for a nap and regroup for him to come home. Thanks and hugs to all that care so deeply for Clayton.

And notes from Beth Maryan
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for loving sweet boy Clayton so much. We are so sincerely grateful for your always being there for him and for us! Clayton is so lucky to be under the care of these specialty veterinarians who are so well-versed in his illness. I can assure you that no rock has been left unturned and are confident that he is receiving the highest-caliber care possible. They continue to coach Kim throughout with 24/7 access to all questions and concerns. She is following their instructions to a tee — she is "Superwoman"!

Clayton is sending virtual springer kisses for the coats, sweaters, toys, treats, gift cards, etc. he has received from all over the country! It is incredible. He now has absolutely everything he needs. The focus now is the urgent need to raise additional funds allowing ESRA to continue his medical care that will sustain him until his body can manage on its own. It is critical. If you'd like to help, please donate through the link below.

Wednesday, February 12 Notes from Beth Maryan
Best news ever! Clayton's albumin levels are up to 1.4. They've been hovering around 1 or under. This is a huge jump … and in the right direction. Couldn't be happier. Appears the recent changes in meds are working.

Wednesday, February 20 Notes from Beth Maryan
Quick update on our guy. Albumin levels continue to hold at 1.4. Not ideal but thrilled nonetheless.

Clayton will be weaned off two antibiotics by end of week. The spot on his lung is scar tissue — evidence of the extreme severity of the pneumonia. Given that new info, he will finish out those antibiotics (injections) by week's end. While they have been much needed, his digestive system should improve without. They are also decreasing the amount of Prednisone (steroids).

They're adding in a dry prescription diet. He will now be on a diluted 1/2 dry, 1/2 canned. The addition of the dry should help with his diarrhea. Dr. Thompson is also tweaking another couple of his meds.

While he is being loaded up with food through the E-tube, he can only tolerate so much. Typically, a dog with his issues needs double, triple and sometimes quadruple the "normal" caloric intake to hold or gain weight, at least temporarily. It's proven to be almost impossible to meet that demand. He's eating some of his bowl-fed venison, however, not enough. They are adding in an appetite stimulant for assistance. They removed the iron supplement from his regime. His red-blood cell count is normal, he's producing plenty. He continues on with all other current meds. Of course, he will also continue with his enzymes, probiotics, etc. for a very long time. It will likely be a staple in his life.

While we are all expecting an overnight recovery, we do need to remember that his body continues to need time to heal. If a human had a severe bodily injury, we would not expect health and wellness in a short period of time. Basically, his digestive system (pancreas, intestines, etc.) have been subjected to a long-term and severe injury. Clinically, he is doing just amazing! This is as important as his test results.

Chuckled at all the recent "treat" comments! Most treats out there are just plain awful for the dogs loaded with artificial and overly-processed everything, full of fillers, and with limited real and natural and healthy nutrition. And, all very very difficult for a dog's body to process. Clayton's body cannot process "REAL" food right let alone all the JUNK put in dog treats. He has to only ingest the "cleanest" and healthiest of foods and/or treats … as all pups should. He eats for nutrition not enjoyment.

No one can fully comprehend the level of care Clayton needs daily. He's still essentially an ICU/critical care patient who requires around-the-clock care. The caretaking alone is roughly 8 hours per day. His foster parents work fulll time but have been operating on minimal sleep this last couple of weeks. If they're not physically caring for Clayton or administering meds (25+) all at different intervals and times of day, they are preparing his meals, changing bandages, taking him out for potty breaks and watching like a hawk, running to vet visits, picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, picking up prescription foods from the store and/or vet's office! Of course they also have children, two Springers of their own and another little Springer foster boy. We're working on bringing a vet tech in to their home a couple of times each day, and whatever else necessary, for a while to relieve them a bit and make their lives more manageable.

SPECIAL NOTE MARCH 1, 2014: Updates for Clayton are well documented on his Facebook page The list of donors is current, but you'll find the most up-to-the-minute good news about Clayton's improving health on Facebook. It is an "open group" and its members proudly call themselves "Clayton Nation." Feel free to join them!

A VERY SPECIAL UPDATE 4/10/14: Clayton visited with Dr. Thompson yesterday. He made himself at home there as usual and, in fact, strutted around like he owned the place. The staff was absolutely in awe at his transformation. His albumin levels have risen to 3.5 from initial levels of <.9. And, his weight has catapulted this week to 53 lbs — a far cry from the frail boy we first welcomed, weighing in at 32 lbs.

Over the last several months, we have witnessed this magnificent Springer's extraordinary and remarkable recovery. Collectively, we've provided him with all the necessary tools to survive — medical care, the brilliance and compassion of the finest veterinarian ever in Dr. Thompson, the tremendous and tireless care from his foster family, and the overwhelming and unprecedented love, support and prayers from more than 1600 Clayton fans!

With unimaginable joy, we are proud to share the news that Dr. Thompson has given Clayton the "thumbs up" to move on and start his healthy new life by choosing his Forever Home.

Interested in stylin' with Clayton Nation?

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SPECIAL NOTE: Clayton Nation "lives" as a closed group on Facebook, now over 1900 members strong, but new members are always welcomed. If you are interested in joining Clayton Nation, click this link:

Although Clayton Nation is an independent group and not a subsidiary of, or affiliated with ESRA in any official capacity, they hold as their mission to help ESRA raise funds for our Special Needs Springers. They offer a constant flurry of fun projects designed to encourage support for ESRA and the work we do.

Contact: Beth Maryan at if you want to hear more about Clayton.


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heartsBetty Tunks
heartsJessica Muenter
heartsMary and Tom Viehoefer Hang in there, fella!
hearts Darren Anderson &
Nancy Marchinko & Alex
In memory of Dodger
heartsPat Ryan In memory of Pudge
heartsDiane Nagel
heartsLaura Hedgecock In memory of HUGO, the harmless hurricane
heartsCathy Peters In memory of my sweet Molly and so many other loved Springers who are now at the Bridge
heartsBill and Iris Pinchak In honor of Beth Maryan and Kate Kyer
heartsEllen Munson Show 'em that Springer spirit, sweet boy! We are praying for you!
heartsMargaret McCloud In memory of Annie — Praying for Clayton
heartsJanet Koehnke In memory of Gumbeaux — Stay strong, Clayton!
heartsMindy Poulton Get well soon, Clayton! Love, Hunter, Sammye and Lacy
heartsPamela Isabell
heartsCathryne Slaughter In memory of Angel Maggie, Belle, Barney, and Prince — God bless you, Clayton, and ALL those involved in your rescue and rehabilitation!
heartsNancy Remmers Overfield In memory of my Lily — I miss you every single day. Helping Springers in need, like Clayton, helps ease the pain of your loss. Get well soon, Clayton! Thank you, Beth.
heartsScott and Ashley Cloninger In memory of Amos, Annabelle and Emma
heartsAlice Muha Stay strong, sweet boy! Sending love kisses and snuggles from fellow ESS Winnie and Lena
heartsJudy Gurney In memory of our two beautiful Springers, Angel and Holly, who are running free in a heavenly field
heartsDenise Babbitt In memory of Prairie Rose — May Clayton become healthy again and go on to live a great, long life.
heartsElba Wilson
heartsDenise Skonieczny Buehler In memory of John and my Springers at the bridge — Hang in there, Clayton! You are loved!
heartsWayne Johnson In memory of my wife Christine and all her pets
heartsEric Christensen In memory of Liddie — Tristar Toris Lidiette CD RE CGC TDI — THE poster girl for special needs senior rescue!
heartsFrederica Huxley
heartsWilliam Sterling In memory of our Golden, Cody, that just crossed over the bridge
heartsCaryn Pola For Winston my first ESRA heart dog — Clayton, get strong and healthy from the love we are all sending your way!
heartsSean and Michele Phillips In memory of Rudy — we miss him every day. Thanks to ESRA and especially thanks to Beth Maryan for everything she did for Rudy.
heartsSharonn Scattaglia Love Springers! Fight, Clayton, fight!
heartsAnissa Allbritton In memory of Luke, Lucy and Huckleberry
heartsBill Farrell In memory of Lucky Willie Butler
heartsMahina Nightsage In memory of Mattie and Zoe
heartsPomela and Chris Flanigan In memory of Big Buddy — Get well, Clayton!
heartsJennifer Wittes In memory of my sweet babies Allie and Bailey
heartsAnthony Cash In memory of so many that we are fortunate to have had
heartsJan and Tyson Reed Go, Clayton, Go!
heartsCarol Sanderson Wishing many years of happiness together for my friends, Nancy Wilkinson and Susan Phillips
heartsAkitsu Kimoto In memory of Nemo
heartsTim and Kim Moore
heartsJan and Gary Mitchell In memory of beloved Becky, Winchester, and Toby — with many thanks to Pilots and Paws
heartsPatricia Wasuk In memory of Daphne
heartsMarlene Wallahan In memory of Mandii and Kelli who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2013
heartsPamela Bell Civile In memory of Rico and River, my big boys
heartsBrenda Peebles Hugs and kisses to you, Clayton. We are praying for you!
heartsDFW English Springer Spaniel
heartsRenee Ayers In memory of Libby, Ladybug, Clyde, Beau and Kelsey — all of the Springers and the Springer wannabe that I have loved and miss
heartsLarry Bonner We are all rooting for you, Clayton boy!
heartsShasta, Henry and Lola Belle Get strong soon, Clayton — let's have a play date!
heartsAlisa M. Runyan In memory of In loving memory of Scooter, Dottie, and Charley
heartsSheri Leider Paying it back for the health of our Riley with love from Blaze and Riley Leider
heartsDiane Chmielewski
heartsLori Berry Keep getting better and better, sweet boy!
heartsDee and John McLaughlin In memory of Aysha, Alfie, Riley, Millie and Rosie — Clayton, may you be safe and well and happy, sweet boy. May you have a good and full life.
heartsDeborah J Bolino Get well soon, Clayton!! We are all praying for you!!
heartsAmy Huber
heartsAmy Klous In memory of Daiz — Stay strong, Clayton!
heartsCathy Hills You are an angel Clayton, and will have the life you deserve!
heartsCheryl Derby In memory of Lilly, my Springer angel — we miss you.
heartsVirginia W Lappin In memory of Brandy, Luci and Chai
heartsGloria Lee Get well soon!
heartsLinda Baumann In memory of all rescued Springers — May God's healing hands bless you, sweet Clayton.
heartsAnonymous In memory of Dusty and Buttons
heartsAnonymous In memory of Zoe
heartsMaddy and Cynthia Howard Get well soon Clayton! Be strong and know that you are being well taken care of. ESRA, thank you for doing all that you do for all the Springers in need! Thank you for giving us the gifts of Bridget, Anna, Reilly and Gordon.
heartsDessie Botham In memory of Frasier — Clayton looks just like my Springer, Frasier, who is at Rainbow Bridge. Clayton I am praying for you. God Bless you.
heartsShannon Sadler Clayton, you are loved!
heartsDawn, Russ and Ashley Dahl In memory of our springer Casey — Sending our love and wishes for a speedy recovery from S. California
heartsChris Weber From fellow ESRA Shakespeare!
heartsJacinda Marley In memory of Kikki, Misha, Casey and Indie
heartsLori Sala In memory of Bobb
heartsTom Lappin Hang in there, Clayton!
heartsDolores Blake
heartsMark, Naomi and Hannah Inabinet In loving memory of Ginger and Reggie
heartsPam Waidler A gift for James Abel in memory of June Abel
heartsEdward Charles Kane In memory of Calvin (who came to us as Cayman), Kesey, Sarah, and Teddy
heartsNancy Myers In memory of Ginger, my first Springer love
heartsSusan Grube Hoping this gift will somehow help with Clayton's needs. He's a beautiful boy.
heartsLinda Condon Sending my love and help to Clayton
heartsMichele Straney In memory of our beautiful Casey — the best Springer ever
heartsJeff King In memory of Bandit
heartsDana Foster In loving memory of Brooks. Prayers for your recovery, Clayton!
heartsAngela Kindzia In memory of Montana and Cheyenne
heartsJanet S Leith In memory of Duncan
heartsDeb Schuster In memory of all the Brittany Spaniels NBRAN and ESRA have shared over the years
heartsMichelle Stinnett In memory of Lady
heartsShari Tagoff For my beautiful beloved late Springer Trey
heartsJoan Faraone Keep getting better, special boy. You have lots of people rooting for your recovery!
heartsBarbara Kephart Prayers for you, Clayton.
heartsLinda Prouty In memory of Topper
heartsNina Manecke In memory of Chevis and CJ — Prayers to sweet Clayton!
heartsTracy Ferguson and Julie Krause In memory of Bailey and Dakota
heartsMartha van der Drift In memory of Jazz — Our angel Jazz is looking over you. You have this new chance in life — accept the love and care, heal and enjoy the life that awaits you.
heartsConnie B. Vice In memory of all neglected and abused Springers — Fight, Clayton, fight!
heartsChris Daverse In memory of Wallace
heartsDebbi Patterson In memory of Major, Brittany, Rebel, Zeke and Buddy
heartsRussell Hancock In memory of Brunswick
heartsSylvia and Doug Daniels In memory of Tasha, Bryn, Allie
heartsMichael Tannery
heartsJudith and Walt Zwierzycki In memory of Sante, a beautiful Springer girl who weighed only 19 pounds when we picked her up from the shelter. We were able to bring her back to good health and she lived with us another 4 years. We are ESRA volunteers, and these stories are exactly why we do this.
heartsJim and Susan Jirovec In memory of Goldie
heartsLeslie Gunder Bear is rooting for you, Clayton!
heartsTeresa Patton In memory of our beloved James — Sending healing prayers your way, Clayton. You are a very brave, loving boy.
heartsRandy Kertzman
heartsNancy Ball
heartsJennie George
heartsDonna J Prout In memory of Bentley my NE-ESSR Boy — I miss you every day
heartsLisa and Jerry Falk In memory of Bailey, our 8 year old Springer who died at Christmas. We couldn't save him, but maybe we can help Clayton.
heartsJoana Johnson In memory of Maxwell Edison — our first Springer who brought happiness into our lives for almost 11 years. Thank you, ESRA, for all that you do to provide Springers with loving homes and the lives they deserve.
heartsFrank Stegall In memory of Dallas Augustus Tyler — Clayton is beautiful. Hope he pulls through.
heartsBarbara Hyde In memory of Dennis
heartsFredda Fox In memory of all of my furbabies now at the Bridge
heartsVal and Simon In memory of Onward Claymore McDuff
heartsMel and Ellen McKinnon In memory of Smidgen — Wishing you all luck with Clayton. For all the ups and downs and emotional roller coaster that goes with all of it, God bless you! Belly rubs to Clayton!
heartsMaria Morrell In memory of Bently, Dillon and Elliot — the best Springers ever!
heartsDenise Waterbury In memory of Chambers — Keep improving, good buddy. Stay strong and take in all the love and care you are receiving.
heartsKelly Docauer In memory of Copper and Rocky — Go Clayton!
heartsDebra Sidman
heartsMary Dobbins In memory of Abby
heartsLisa Robbins In honor of Rigsby
heartsNancy Hilliard In memory of Bud, my very best dog
heartsCarolyn Barnett In memory of Bubba and Jake — Hoping for a speedy recovery! He is in the best of care with ESRA!
heartsDawn Schoo In memory of my Cricket and Ringer
heartsJennifer Herbert In memory of all the pets that have gone to Rainbow Bridge
heartsDenise Medaglia In memory of Ginger and Magic, my beloved Springers
heartsCatherine B. Stidsen In memory of all my animal friends past and present
heartsDiane Gordon In memory of my Dad who taught me to love animals, and Toby, my 2nd ESRA Springer. Hang in there, Clayton! We're all rooting for you!
heartsMarissa From my Springer Boston and me. — Keep on fighting, Clayton! Thank you to everyone involved in his care.
heartsShelley Kerber In memory of Maggie, Millie, Murphy and Molly. We miss them all.
heartsYolanta Jonynas In memory of the joys in my life — Thrive and bring joy!
heartsKathy Shue In memory of my two past Springers and all springers that ESRA helps. Thank you for the love Clayton is getting.
heartsAlisa M. Runyan You have three ESS guardian angels watching over you — Scooter, Dottie, and Charley — and prayers every day that ask for healing and strength.
heartsNancy M. Kelly In honor of Beth Maryan, who can always find a way to get people together to get a dog whatever he needs. You're a hero, and Clayton is just your most current save!
heartsSandra Storm In memory of Katie and Justice
heartsJanet Nazy In memory of my beloved Brownie — Riley, Sophie and I are rooting for you. Get healthy and strong!
heartsDarlene Avila Bless you, Clayton! Keep getting better!
heartsMichelle Armitage
heartsPatty Seeling In memory of Ruth Seeling
hearts Ronda and Kevin Volkman In memory of Daisy — Get well soon, Clayton!
heartsBarbara Welty In memory of Flaps
heartsMonica Gary Clayton, get well soon, buddy. We're rooting for you.
heartsShirliana Glassberg In memory of Mister Murphy — I hope someone will give Clayton a big hug in my name.
heartsRene Pizzo In memory of Rex and Buddy
heartsAdrienne Payne In memory of Tigger — Stay strong, Clayton. Many are praying for you!
heartsChristy Boderman Lotsa love from Ella
heartsTammi Stangohr Clayton is an amazing survivor!
heartsCeceille Poole In memory of Woody, Kramer, Harry and Taylor
heartsSatish M Mohe In memory of Annie
heartsTheresa Wimann In memory of Truffles
heartsFelicia Adams In honor of my hundreds of foster dogs over the past 10 years
heartsKris and John Michaelides
heartsBob Knell In memory of Samantha, Joshua, Rose, Brady, Abby and Connor
heartsDebra Mason, RN In honor of Dr. Lisa Thompson and her critical care team for their willingness to take Clayton in and their dedication to his care and recovery. Hang in there, Clayton!
heartsCarol Rushing
heartsKathleen Hardy In honor of Beth Maryan and the ESRA members who saved our beautiful Tripp (Gabriel) in October 2012
heartsKarin Foster In memory of Buck — Thank you for all the efforts to support this beautiful dog!
heartsTim and Shanna Culver
heartsLucy and Dick McCracken In memory of Spencer, Hope and Malcolm
heartsCynthia and Maddy Howard In memory of all Springers, past and present — Rock on Clayton, You CAN DO IT!
heartsMary Shobe In memory of Topper of Stonewall Springers
heartsDale Filip
heartsDiane Samdahl In memory of Merilee, an ESRA rescue also thought to be close to death but who, like Clayton, had a strong will to live. ESRA was there for Merilee just like we are for Clayton
heartsMichelle Burns Thank you for helping Clayton!
heartsBarbara Hyde Hang in there, sweet Clayton
heartsRob and Heidi Bursch Thanks to all the ESRA volunteers and for all that you do for these special dogs!
heartsWillamette Valley ESSA In memory of all the wonderful Springers who have blessed our lives
heartsBarb DiGiovanni In appreciation for my healthy Springers
heartsLinda and Jerry Shope,
Daisy the Beagle, and Tip the ESS,
ESRA Class of 2013/MAESSR Class of 2014
Clayton, we're praying for a speedy recovery for you! You're with great people who will make sure you get the love and attention you deserve. Keep up that strong will to live!
heartsGinnie Klein In memory of Chester
heartsElizabeth Murray In memory of Gabbie Anne
heartsBeth Fink
heartsJoshua and Janet Walker We are so grateful for all of the wonderful work and commitment exhibited by the wonderful, caring and thoughtful individuals who are caring for Clayton, and all the beautiful Springers in need of love and care.
heartsShari Stanforth
heartsRebecca Mink In memory of beloved Sadie and Taffy
heartsBrenda Albrecht Keep getting better, buddy.
heartsMarjorie Weidt In memory of our George who we were blessed to have in our lives due to the amazing work of ESRA! Hang in there, little man! There are better days ahead with ESRA and everyone involved with these wonderful people looking out for you!
hearts Ellen Munson God bless you, Clayton
heartsCarlee Skinner
heartsMike and Dorene Collins In memory of Sunni and Beemer
heartsPomela and Chris Flanigan Toby and Hootie say Good luck, Clayton!
heartsMargaret Dominy In memory of McCall, Sammy, Pepper, Freddie, Chester, and Shawnee
heartsJeri Sehl In memory of Guthrie, Hoover and Indy
hearts Linda Prouty In celebration of Sasz's 14th birthday. Sasz and Jasz are cheering for you, Clayton, and pray that you will have a long and happy life too.
heartsDean A. Horning In memory of Berk, Carmel, Pepper, Amber, Jet, Dude, Rocket Butt, Buck
hearts Paul and Rebecca Hill In memory of all our wonderful past and present Springers
heartsSarah M Schoger A gift for Kim Moore in memory of Jane Moore — Thank you for going the distance for these beautiful dogs.
heartsMark and Barbara Davis In memory of J.J.
heartsErin and Matt Ziaja We're rooting for you, Clayton!
heartsLaurie Green In memory of Emmie
heartsDeb Zutant In memory of my beloved Stanley
heartsBill Dimas In memory of Chaucer
hearts Megan McCready In memory of Cody and Jackson
heartsCharles Manneschmidt
heartsAmy Miller In memory of Baba — Prayers for you, sweet boy!
heartsPat Ryan In memory of Pudge — Stay strong, Clayton. My guys are not ready to receive you at The Bridge. You're needed here.
heartsAllison Miele In memory of Aubrey, the girl who blessed me with joy everyday
heartsAmy Rosenfeld In memory of Brownie, Lysa and Blue
heartsFrederick Stein
heartsCary Branthwaite
heartsSherri Ash In memory of Richard Weiss
heartsLisa Wiltse May Clayton be up and running in no time!
heartsThe Giltners In memory of our beloved Sampson, Nala and Tuffy — Stay strong, little man. We are all praying for you to have a speedy recovery.
heartsLenore Lewis In memory of all the wonderful springers that have blessed my life
heartsCathy Schadel A gift for Catherine Schadel in memory of George Schadel
heartsStacey, Kenny, and Madie Smith Clayton, you are a fighter and you have come so far on this journey.
heartsBrooke and David Hughes
heartsGay Bunnell In memory of Tracker and Victoria
heartsBrady and Mary Harris In memory of Homer, Topper and Bravo
heartsMargaret Lamb
heartsShannon Butters
heartsShelley Dearmin In memory of my beloved Toby — another beautiful Springer with a gentle soul and a big paw greeting
heartsCathy Moyer
heartsCatharine Culp In memory of Lucy and Molly
heartsDiane Brantley In memory of Perseus, our amazing Springer
heartsAngela and John Laws In memory of our Holly and Dr. Laurence Braun (ER + Critical Care) Vancouver who saved our girl
heartsBrady and Mary Harris In memory of Homer, Topper and Bravo
heartsEdward T. Egan In memory of Bosco, my first Springer and the best dog ever, who died of bladder cancer
heartsAngela Fentress Fatta In memory of Caddie, our sweet angel
heartsPatti Bryan Clayton, Keeping you close in our hearts. Love, Patti, Maggie, and Molly
heartsCatherine and Herb Sandy In memory of Fred, Bonnie and Sweet Pea
heartsKen Kellogg Buster made me do this
heartsTammy Garofano In memory of Copper — Praying Clayton makes a full recovery and lives a happy life
heartsLori Hakspiel In memory of Fralo, Merrit and Heart
heartsKarl and Amy Duckett
heartsBarbara Coffey For Clayton — with love and honour for my extraordinary neighbours in Springerville
heartsMark Johnson In memory of Gus
heartsMak Mun San In memory of BB and Didi. Stay strong, Clayton!
heartsTammy Garofano In memory of Copper — Praying for Clayton
heartsKerri Johnson
heartsAime Weniger Kennedy
heartsDonna Doud and Sean Roark Clayton, we hope you can run and play soon!
heartsEmma Lee Rickard, LillyBelle,
and IzzaBella Springer
Clayton, we pray that you will be healed and comforted by the same Miraculous Hands that were with you at birth and gave you life. May God Bless and keep you in His Loving Care to restore you to good health.
heartsJane (Randie) Chiavelli In memory of Knighton, Hopie and Jack
heartsBecky Sands Get well soon, Little Buddy. God Bless!
heartsJohn and Aggie Brooks In honor of Lori Clayton and her relentless efforts at rescuing homeless animals!
heartsAndrea Lopez In memory of Samantha Lopez
heartsJill Turner In memory of Maggie and Brandy
heartsCatherine Skortz
heartsDee and John McLaughlin We're still with you, buddy. Keep it coming!
heartsJoan Rollins In memory of Hanz, my special rescue friend — My Hanz survived such a nightmare, I pray you also will find the strength to survive yours.
heartsBA Breese A gift for the health and well being of our beloved Springers. Hang in there, Clayton.
heartsKristine Farrington Lots of love heading your way, Clayton!
heartsDaniela Galarza In memory of Stitch
heartsTerry Gilmore In memory of Shoeless the Cat who died of starvation despite months of tests and special food. Please survive, Clayton
heartsRobert and Susan Lyman Love to you, Clayton — be well soon!
heartsTracy Torma In memory of Emily and Shamrock, two beautiful Springers
heartsDebra Hardesty In memory of all of our Angels — God Bless you, Darling! We keep you in our prayers.
heartsDavid Pearce In memory of our sweet and gentle Penny
heartsIsabel Sheeter In memory of Hoover and Sadie
heartsJulie Noyes In memory of Beamer and Max
heartsJoan Fraser In memory of Max and Hailey Fraser
heartsBryan and Char Black In memory of Toby, Tess, and Moose. In honor of our Tucker
heartsCaren H. Kozlowsky In memory of Mr. Magoo, my Springer
heartsLisa Cunningham In memory of my Ringo Star — Thank You ESRA, Beth and all the others for the amazing work you do!
heartsPattie Nitschke For Clayton and my great working cooperatively friends at ESRA in Texas … love supporting the incredible work y'all do!
heartsBrittany Rescue in Texas Sending healing prayers to sweet Clayton. From all the Brittanys at BRIT — we love working with ESRA … you are in the best hands possible.
heartsDiane T. Wenning In memory of my beloved Frankie
heartsJenny Johnson In memory of Sunny and in honor of my own special needs Springer, Summer. Get well soon, Clayton
heartsBarbara Kephart In memory of Winnie, our first Springer
heartsKris Svee In memory of Skeeter and Ceasar
heartsGabriella Filisko In memory of Mr. Marleypants
heartsBruce and Terry Cooley In memory of our special boy Rugar
heartsKathleen Tucker
heartsThe Fundamental Dog In honor of the tireless work of Sheri Cromwell saving Springers in Texas
heartsKristine Morgan Love and kisses from the Morgan pack
heartsAnonymous In memory of my special Springers Sydney and Cassady
heartsCharlene Sparks In memory of my Tater
heartsDiana Zahn Keep healing, Clayton!
heartsAlexander Bell Mayberry Clayton I hope you get better, you're going to be such a beautiful dog and all of these good people out here are hoping you get better soon! Love, Alex
heartsDiane, Robert, Andrea Lopez In memory of our Sammy Girl in Doggie Heaven
heartsShelly Valente Springers Chance and Cassie send their love.
heartsRoxana Bowman-McKinnie In memory of Lexie Brenner and Lindsey
heartsKaren Jahn
heartsKatherine Brannick In memory of Kadrians Jackpot (Jackie)
hearts Sarah Kraft In memory of Owen and Joey
heartsSuzanne Knight
heartsLaurie Angel
heartsTim and Kim Moore Thank you for helping Clayton, ESRA. This gift is to honor all who have helped Clayton get well, especially Kim and her family for fostering him.
heartsCarlan Young "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." –Anatole France — Get well soon Clayton!
heartsTom Osborn
heartsGreg Movsesyan
heartsJeanne Gregory
heartsAngela Kindzia
heartsMary Jo Jones In memory of Merlin
heartsBryan and Mary Garland In memory of Sam, Shasta, Boston Docken
heartsSusan Manthey In memory of both my sweet Springers
heartsTim Brinson Clayton, we are pulling for you down here in Houston. Grant, who was a Texas Star, is wishing you a speedy recovery and hope that you will have fun and happy life in your Forever Home that will come very soon!
heartsMichael and Debra Perkins
heartsLori Clayton In memory of Casey, Lilly, BeBe, Ja, Zee-o and all those that did not make it out of shelters
heartsJan Ybarra In memory of Casey and Emmie — from Seth in memory of his sisters at the Bridge
heartsPat Ryan In memory of my seven Springers
heartsRobert Sanfilippo In memory of Angel and Mocha
heartsAlisa Runyan In memory of Scooter, Dottie, and Charley. The three angels continue to watch over you.
heartsGlenna J Hiseley
heartsMelinde Waddle
heartsTracy Ferguson and Julie Krause Maddie and Riley say get better, Clayton!
heartsCary Branthwaite Keep fighting, Clayton!
heartsMelissa Campbell In memory of Heather and Zoe
heartsChristy Boderman With love, Ella
heartsAnne-Mette Snider In memory of Ivy
heartsAngela Mesarchik In memory of Sweetboy Simon
heartsDebbie Lee Hang in there, Clayton! We are all praying for you.
hearts Nicole Ward
hearts Mary Cole Get well soon! from Chloe in WV
heartsAlisson Hoy A gift for Rick — Happy Valentine's Day, sweets!
heartsJamie and Ed Balazs In memory of Mickey Moo
heartsPriscilla McAbee In memory of Cody and Summer — Clayton, get stronger and better every day.
heartsSteve Spiegl In memory of Ella
heartsNina Finch In memory of Carrie and Gizmo
heartsStangohr Family In memory of Gizmo, Andy, Katie
heartsRobert G. Wolleben Get better soon
heartsElizabeth Stack Hall In memory of Angel Tia — Luigi, Sicily, Sammy and Angel Tia are cheering for Clayton
heartsMichelle Blassengale In memory of my sweet Lucie, who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
heartsJan Miller In memory of Pearl and Tilly
heartsAnissa Litwin
heartsSandy Philipson In memory of Max, Annie, Trini and Oliver — Thanks to all of you for the extraordinary care given to this courageous dog. Max and Annie would be proud.
heartsLauren Binger In memory of Angels Callie and Abbey
heartsMarti Nickoli From Ditto and Bella in memory of their brother Chevy
heartsMelinda Robison
heartsTressa and Jim Goughenour In memory of all the Springers we've loved
heartsHeather Karakas In memory of Polo and Phaedra
heartsLiz Pike
heartsMary McFarland and Art Roberts In memory of Stryker (Hightime Sudden Impact CD, OA, OAJ)
heartsTamara Kamieneski My Springers and I send this gift, with love, in gratitude for our ESRA Boy Oxford Gram (Oxy), and for all the rescuers and fosters (Lee Tyo in AZ was ours) who make ESRA the organization of angels that it is.
heartsCarol-Jean Meddaugh
heartsJennifer and Parker McGraw In memory of my sweet Vince and in honor of Clayton and all his care givers!
heartsKevin Olson In memory of Lilly and Dexter
heartsDarlene Terry In memory of Rudder, our loved Springer we lost to cancer
heartsJane Hull
heartsRussell Fletcher In memory of our Alaric. We miss him so much!
heartsMary and Anthony Davies In memory of our first Springer
heartsDelena McLaughlin
heartsTracy Wagner
heartsRobert Sanfilippo In memory of Gallagher and Shelby
heartsCathy A Ross In memory of Ch. Vistahs Spellbound — aka CHAPS
heartsMartha van der Drift In memory of Jazz, my Springer angel. I've asked him to look over Clayton.
heartsSteve and Teresa Bateman Keep fighting, Clayton!
heartsKeith Rhodes In memory of Molly, Minnie, Tootsie and Schatsies 1 and 2
heartsM. Foster
heartsLaura Viada In memory of Monstie and Kelly
heartsJohn and Debbie Vaclavik Prayers from Steeler, Stella Luna and Stoney for full recovery
heartsBob Knell To honor everyone helping Clayton
heartsAnna Thuren In memory of Cole, Ms Caramilla, Eloise, Sir Ramses
heartsCathleen Bauschatz In memory of Topper — Stonewall Springers
heartsClara Costello Roxie and Ginger want Clayton to get well soon!
heartsElaine M. Sullivan In memory of Aurora's Lady Katharine and Timmy
heartsLinda Prouty In memory of my precious Sasz. Love forever.
heartsLinda Steinbach In memory of our sweet rescued Springer, Gus, who fought cancer valiantly for an entire year.
heartsStephanie Bateman Hugs and kisses, Clayton! From me and my Springer, Riley, keep fighting!
heartsBarbara Kubitz In memory of Dixie
heartsMonica Armstrong Monica Armstrong
heartsTerri Cox
heartsJan Lysakruiz and Frank Ruiz
heartsSusan Courts
heartsGeorge and Shelley Dearmin
heartsJessica Watson My Springer had quite a few scary weeks at the hospital several years ago. Wishing Clayton the best!
heartsTimothy Lowe In memory of CJ of Camelaird Spaniels
heartsSandy Grubb To honor my Springer soulmate Andy
heartsBeth Fink In honor of the Mrozek and Davies Families
heartsEllie Anschuetz
heartsBarbara Kephart
heartsKaren Prinkey
heartsChristi Cooper In memory of Henry, Natalie and Wyatt
heartsDelena McLaughlin In celebration of Clayton's adoption and the miraculous things that have taken place because of him
heartsCathy Osmialowski In honor of the work of ESRA and The Clayton Nation
heartsRebecca L. Zullo
Catherine AntosIn memory of Charlie
heartsLindy Bingham In memory of Doc
heartsVirginia Grossen In memory of my furry best friend, Bailey
heartsElizabeth Bole To honor Mary and Tony Davies and their furry family for adopting Sir Clayton
heartsAnna Thuren In honor of the Clayton Nation families Mrozek and Davies and of course Clayton
heartsLinda and Jerry Shope
heartsAnita Greenbaum
heartsKerri Johnson
heartsKarl and Amy Duckett
heartsLaurel Berry
heartsPat Ryan In honor of Clayton's adoption
heartsBecky Perry
James and Shannon Lambert
The MI Crew
Vicki Wingo
Gary and Mary Ann Powers In memory of Hudson and Snickers
Larry Caldwell In memory of Moody who brought joy to everyone
Robert and Kirsten Knell In memory of Samantha, Joshua, Rose, Brady, Abby
George and Jacqueline Moser
Rose Ploke A gift to honor my friend Amy Huber
Elizabeth and Robert Scripps In memory of Bailey, Sam and Jerry - beloved dogs
Kyle Morrell
Connor Morrell
June and Emma Erickson
Chayce and Remy Wagner
Cindy, Trevor, Aiden and Charlie Chichelli
Renee, Martini, Kodi and Reno Ayers
Bridget, Kendall, Hunter, Berkley and Mackinaw Hafelein
Patricia Ryan
Juli-Ann Thompson
Caryn Pola
Peter Cangelosi
Gerald, Linda, Tip and Daisey Shope
Ray, Becky and Dora Perry
Dan, Linda, Koda and Tehya Holland
John, Aggie, Swayze and Lucy Brooks
Debbie Patterson
Stacey, Kenny, Madie, Lola and Izzy Smith
Lisa, Missy, Johnny and Charlie Cataldo
Denise and Einstein Waterbury
Lacy, Blake and George Biggers
Nomita, Emerald and Jupiter Ramchandani
Diana Taylor-Paine / Rocky Acres Springers
Veronica Barker
Laureen Camisi In memory of CH Sapphires Power Play "Eric"
Bill and Audrey Undy / Prairiewind Springers
Peyton and Brenda Peebles
Nancy Stephens
Janet Branstiter
heartsMaribel and Maricarmen My sister beloved cookie
heartsEmily Phillips In memory of Shortey (kitty) another beautiful soul with lots of courage
heartsAmy Schneider In honor of Clayton